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標題: Fabrication Technology for Ultra Thin/Super Thermal Dissipation Solid State Lighting(II)
作者: 洪瑞華
關鍵字: 應用研究;Light emitting diode;能源工程, 電子電機工程類;發光二極體;高散熱;高反射光杯;微結構;自組裝技術;超薄軟性散熱基板;high dissipation;high reflective cup;microstructure;self-assembly technology;flexible heat sink plate
Recently, due to the shortage of global energy and warming being serious, it is veryimportant to develop the energy-saving, environment-friendly solid-state light emittingdiodes (LEDs) for lightening. However, there exists the junction temperature in LEDschips during the operation. The thermal management of LEDs is the most important issue,especially for the power chip application. On the other hand, the optical design ofreflective mirror is also necessary for enable the light of LEDs effectively to escape thesemiconductor. The core technology of the 2nd year project is the self-assemblytechnology to form the high power LEDs and flexible light plate with high thermaldissipation layer and the high reflective cup. Combining these two years technology, theultra thin, excellent heat sink, parallel circuit or the series-parallel coexistence flexiblelight plate can be developed.Here, a scalable manufacturing process for fabricating LED-based light sheet bybonding array of LED chips on a flexible ITO plastic substrate with the uniform currentdistributed circuit to produce durable solid-state lighting sources. The fabrication processis mask-less and self-assembly in order to cost down and improve the throughput.Moreover, the different materials and microstructure will be studied for the reflective cupstructure, heat dissipation layer and self assembly of the LEDs. By using the excellentoptical reflector and thermal conductivity layer between the heat source and the heat sinks,the light can be extraction and heat of LEDs can be effectively dissipated.The target of the project is as following:1. Completing the ultra-thin parallel light plate with special designed structure.2. Establishing the self-assembly technique for LEDs thin light plate.3. Establishing the microstructure for self-assembly technique in the LEDs thin lightplate applications.4. Completing the light plate with micro-lens by printing technique.5. Developing the fabricated processing for ultra-thin and ultra-thermal dissipatedlight plate.6. Appling one process and one structure patents.7. Publishing 5 papers.

發光二極體(LEDs)省電、環保、應用多樣性的發展,使得LEDs 的前景備受全球矚目。然而LEDs 在操作上有大量的熱生成,因此散熱是首要解決之問題,另外光學鏡面設計亦有助於LEDs 光線能有效離開半導體進入外界。另一方面,若能將LEDs 製作成超薄隨手貼之光源,其應用將更為廣泛。本計劃第二年之核心技術是利用自組裝技術開發,配合第一年已開發自我對準技術,研製無光罩製程與自組裝之光板製程。本計劃第二年提出關鍵製程,係將完成之LEDs 晶粒與具均勻電流分流設計之電極結合,並配合微結構提供不同之表面能,將LEDs 晶粒以自組裝技術一次即可陣列黏貼在可撓性銦錫氧化物透明導電塑膠基板上,利用自我對準技術開發出高節能且高壽命的固態光源及超薄軟性光板。製程建立在微機電技術,且為縮短晶粒取放的時間與成本,製程中採用自組裝技術。又我們利用不同的材料特性與微結構來產生LEDs 晶粒所需的反射鏡杯結構,增加出光所需搭配的反射鏡杯,而同時藉由此反射鏡杯所具備的高散熱材質能將LEDs 操作時的熱生成,快速產生橫向的傳導而達到散熱的目的。預計本年度達成之目標如下:1. 完成具特殊結構之超薄型發光二極體製程。2. 完成發光二極體晶粒自組裝製程。3. 完成不同光學功能光杯之超薄/超散熱光板LED。4. 完成光學透鏡網印技術。5. 完成超薄型,超散熱光板製程(90W 尺寸:30cm×30cm)。6. 製程專利1 篇,結構專利1 篇。7. 學術論文發表5 篇。
其他識別: NSC98-ETE0-0601-1ET
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