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標題: Development of Miniaturized Microbial Fuel Cell System and Its Performance Enhancement Study
作者: 楊錫杭
關鍵字: 微生物燃料電池;Microbial Fuel Cell;能源工程;酵母菌;質子交換膜;維生素K3;微系統技術;應用研究;yeast;proton exchange membrane;Vitamin K3;microsystem technology
The goal of this research plan is to develop a miniaturized yeast microbial fuel cell(MFC) system and enhance its performance. Such developed system can be furtherapplied to drive mini-scale electronic devices. The proposed MFC will generateseveral watts and toward high volumetric power density. The anode of microbial fuelcell includes the yeast as the catalyst. Through chemical reactions, glucoses aredecomposed and produce the electrical energy. Methylene blue is used as the electrontransfer mediator. Vitamin K3 can increase oxidation and reduction efficiency. Thecomplete single cell voltage can achieve 0.55 volts and the maximum power densitycan achieve 0.35mW/cm3. Then, four MFC units in a series can have an overallpotential over 2.15 volts. It is successfully to light a LED for practical powergeneration. The prospect result will toward a refill system and long lasting type. Thatwill be more suitable for consumers'electronics applications.

其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-073
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