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標題: 線性區塊碼應用於二元資料藏匿之次佳化解碼演算法
Some Sub-Optimal Decoding Algorithm for Binary Data Hiding Using Linear Block Code
作者: 張維文
Chang, Wei-Wen
關鍵字: Linear Block Code;線性區塊碼;Data Hiding;Matrix Embedding;Error Correction Code;資料藏匿;矩陣嵌入;錯誤更正碼
出版社: 通訊工程研究所
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本篇論文是將線性區塊碼應用於二元資料藏匿,利用徵狀碼技術,把訊息嵌入於影像中,同時文中提出兩個解碼演算法,分別為WAE(Weight Approximation Embedding)與LIAE(Linear Independent Approximation Embedding)演算法,兩者都是一種次佳化演算法。WAE擁有很快的解碼速度,它是利用線性區塊碼的產生矩陣得到k組碼字,接著進行疊代運算,去找出一組趨近於陪集領項的向量,來達到藏匿的效果與兼顧低複雜度的特性。


This paper proposed a method is binary data hiding using linear block code , the message embedded into binary image by syndrome code technique . At the time , we proposed two decoding algorithm , named WAE and LIAE algorithm . Both the algorithm is a sub-optimal algorithm . WAE has fast decoding speed and low complexity . WAE get num of k codeword by linear block code generator matrix , then using iterative decoding . And find a vector near coset leader which get good embedded efficiency and have property of low complexity .

Further , the other part we proposed the algorithm LIAE . It have property of linear independent basis , and use the weight table to find suitable pixel for embedding . Thus the watermark in the image is difficult to detect . For reduce distortion , we will research the relation between num of linear independent basis and embedding efficient .
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