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標題: Development of an Integrated System of Flight Information and Real-Time Images(I)
作者: 鄧洪聲
關鍵字: 應用研究;資訊科學軟體, 航空工程
In this project, we propose to develop an integrated flight information and real-time imaging system for UAV, based on the concept and technology of augmented reality (AR). The key technologies used in the proposed system are system integration, innovations in tracking technology, and integration of AR, database, and network, which will enable to achieve the 「real-time tracking/positioning」, 「integrated information」, and 「real-time information display」. The proposed system will have the following functions: 1) Combine the dynamic data from the GPS and gyroscope etc., carried on UAV, and the static geographic data stored in the system database to generate a set of integrated information; 2) Using the aerodynamic system model of the UAV stored in the system database, compute a flight tunnel; and 3) Integrate the above generated information with the real images from the CCD camera and FLIR into an enhanced image for display. The above system will constitute the key portion of the real-time 3D image reconstruction unit in the whole UAV remote battlefield environment reconnaissance system. Besides, in a full-scale man-machine interface to be developed, in addition to the above mentioned functions, the 3D battlefield environment images will be displayed in an effective and easy-to-understand style, which can help the commander to make judgments in a complicated battlefield environment.

在本子計畫中,我們將以擴增實境的觀念與技術,研發一套用於無人飛行載具(UAV)上的飛行訊息與即時影像整合系統。該系統之研發將以系統整合、追蹤技術之創新以及擴增實境、資料庫、網路之整合等關鍵技術為主軸,以期達到「即時追蹤定位」、「整合式資訊」以及「立即式的資訊呈現」等境界。具體而言,本計畫所研發的系統將具有以下數項功能:1)將UAV上所載的GPS、陀螺儀等儀器所提供的動態資料與系統資料庫中所儲存的靜態地理資料加以融合產生一組整合資訊;2)利用資料庫中所儲存的UAV的飛行動力系統模型,計算出一個飛行隧道圖(Flight Tunnel);3)將以上所產生的資訊與UAV上所載的CCD像機及FLIR等得到的實際影像加以整合成為一個強化影像顯示出來。以上所研發的系統將構成整體之UAV偵蒐遠端戰場環境之三維影像即時重建系統中的關鍵部份。此外,我們在將發展的一套完整的人機介面中,除了可以執行以上所研發的各種功能外,並可配合人機互動之操作介面,將戰場環境之三維影像以有效且易於瞭解的方式呈現,這將有助於戰場指揮官在複雜的戰場環境中作情勢判定。
其他識別: NSC97-2623-7005-006-D
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