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標題: Intelligent Electric Power Control System for Energy Saving House with Hybrid Solar Energy and Utility Power Supplies(I)
作者: 許恒銘
關鍵字: 最大功率追蹤法;intelligent electric power control;電子電機工程類;智慧型電力監控系統;電力網路傳輸系統;電力參數感測晶片;應用研究;maximum power point tracking;synchronizerchip for hybrid solar energy and utility power supplies;power line communication;detectionchip for electric power parameters
The intelligent electric power control platform using hybrid solar energy and utilitypower supplies is proposed in this project. During the development of this project, the keytechnologies include the algorithm of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) forphotovoltaic power, the synchronizer chip for hybrid solar energy and utility power supplies,intelligent power control system, power line communication, and the detection chip forelectric power parameters, among others.The proposed approach of MPPT adopts the artificial neural network to find the optimaloperation conduction. After acquiring the solar energy, the chip of synchronizer chip forhybrid solar energy and utility power supplies is developed in this project. Moreover, theelectric power monitor and control is an important task to save energy in household facilities.Therefore, the intelligent system of electric power control is developed in this project.Generally, the household loads are classified to active and passive equipments. The typicallyactive load is the compressor of air-conditioner. It is well-known that the dominant energydissipation in household is resulted from air-conditioner. The control of active load isexecuted by using pulse width modulation.Furthermore, the signal transmission between facilities and control system adopts powerline communication. The proposed approach uses the existed electric line in each householdbuilding without extra wire line. In the meantime, the project proposes the sensing chip tomonitor the current and voltage of household facilities. In one word, the proposed platformnot only uses renewable energy but also saves power dissipations in a household operation.

其他識別: NSC97-2220-E005-001
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