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標題: Stabilizing Control of Large Scale Networks with AQM Schemes
作者: 林俊良
關鍵字: large-scale network;大型網路系統;電子電機工程類;time delay;router;stability;AQM control;延遲;路由器;穩定性;AQM 控制;基礎研究
It is well known that for a closed-loop control system if there is an excessive time delayin the controlled plant, the undesired effect will affect the quality of performance and evencause instability in the control loop. The problem would be worsened in the network controlenvironment because, during data communication, some signal packets not only suffer fromtransmission delay but, even worse, could be lost during transmission. This research intendsto investigate the issues of stability and performance for large-scale network systems underactive queue management (AQM) control, in which two types of the communication protocol,i.e. TCP and UDP, will be investigated respectively. Our focus will be on the large-scalenetwork environment rather then the single local area network because, as far as the authoraware, research regarding this issue is still lacking in the published papers. Then, we proceedto investigate the same issue for each local area network system connected with a controlledplant, discuss the overall stability of the large-scale system and determine the individualcontrol law.To experimentally verify the proposed approach, two stages of verification will beconducted. First, three local area networks will be built individually and connected mutuallyvia the model constructed in this research. Verification of stability and stability margin for thelarge scale network system with time-delayed communication channels under AQM controlwill then be examined. Next, each local area network will be connected with a DC motorpositioning control system. Real-world experiments to examine positioning performance andstability will then be conducted with respect to each local area network control system as wellas the whole large-scale system to verify the theoretical approach proposed in this research.

本計畫擬提出一針對大型網路系統的延遲時間補償器,並深入研究在有延遲效應的影響下,利用路由器介面進行流量過濾管制。首先,我們分別建構TCP(i.e. 加入傳輸資料確認程序的傳輸方式)和UDP(i.e. 不計較資料傳輸的正確性,專注於資料傳遞的傳輸方式)通訊協定下的大型網路流量控制系統模式,並以Lypunov 穩定理論探討系統具延遲效應的穩定條件及穩定界限。俟理論建構完成續探討第二主題,亦即將區域網路分別實際連接一受控體,進行遠端監控,我們也分別以TCP 和UDP 通訊協定分別探討控制系統的穩定性及性能表現。最後,若本計畫前二階段研究均順利完成,則續行探討大型無線網路系統之相同主題。實驗部份,本計畫擬分為兩個階段執行。第一階段先驗證AQM 控制器之功能。我們在實驗室建構三個區域網路,再以本研究所考慮之大型網路系統架構加以連結,並由即時實驗確認系統之控制器之功能並探討系統存在延遲時的穩定性界限(stabilitymargin)。第二階段,以第一階段所建構的三個區域網路,分別連接三個馬達定位平台,個別測試獨立網路的穩定性及控制系統性能後,加以互連以構成一個大型網路系統,驗確認系統之馬達遠端遙控功能並探討系統存在延遲效應的穩定界限。
其他識別: NSC97-2628-E005-003
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