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標題: 智慧半人型與人共生服務機器人之研製-總計畫
Design and Implementation of Intelligent Human Symbiotic Service Robots with Semi-Humanoid Appearances
作者: 蔡清池
關鍵字: human symbiotic robot;與人共生;電子電機工程類;service robot;two-wheeled self-balancing;localization;navigation;tactile sensing;smell sensing;force compliance;voicecontrol and voice dialog;imaging understanding;man-robot interfacing andinteraction;emotion recognition;two-arm configuration;and high-speed servoing;服務機器人;兩輪自平衡;定位;導航;觸覺;力量順應;超音波;語音對話;語音控制;影像辨識;姿態辨識;人機介面;雙手臂;高速視覺伺服;技術發展
This integrated project aims at developing novel methodologies and coretechnologies for system design, capabilities, functionalities, and implementation of anintelligent human-symbiotic service robot with semi-humanoid appearances. Amodular and mechatronic method is presented to design and synthesize such advancedrobots with desired capabilities and functions of learning, adaptation, networking,intelligence, mobility, safety, reliability, cost, appearance and man-robot interaction.All novel components and subsystems developed in this project include (i) novelmechanism design of a two-wheeled self-balancing mobility mechanism and twomultiple degrees-of-freedom manipulators; (ii) improved design of smell, tactile andFM-modulated ultrasonic sensors, and control of the mobility mechanism and thedual arm-hand configuration; (iii) advanced localization and navigation system designand its applications; (iv) intelligent computer vision and audition using computationalintelligence; (v) cooperation, force compliance and learning of the two arms andhigh-speed visual servoing; (vi) intelligent man-machine interfacing and man-robotinteraction using intelligent multi-agent approach and service-oriented architecture.All the developed key components and subsystems together with other well-knowntechnologies will be implemented into an experimental robotic system, which will beconsidered as a test platform to evaluate how the robots interact with people. Inaddition to a variety of theoretical innovations and improvements, all the proposedcore technologies and designed functions must be realistically implemented andverified via experimentations on the laboratory-built robots. All the proposedtechnologies will be proven useful and effective not only in establishing andimproving the real operation functions, mobility and intelligence of the current humansymbiotic robots, but also in extending the applications of the proposed technologiesto perform complicated tasks and missions in the fields of commerce, recreation andentertainment, home services, and nursing cares for the elderly people.

本整合型計畫的目的是研發具有跨越障礙與高速運動功能的智慧型半人型與人共生機器人,以及探討該系統設備之關鍵核心技術及其相關系統晶片與軟硬體實現技術。一兼顧感知學習、行動、操控性、智慧決策、安全、可靠度、價格、造型與友善介面等功能的機電模組化設計策略被提出來用以設計一前瞻與創新之半人型服務機械人系統。此系統之關鍵核心技術研發項目,由各子計畫分別執行,其重點涵蓋可跨越障礙的兩輪自平衡運動平台與具力量順應的雙手臂機構設計,新型感測(嗅覺,觸覺,CF-FM 調變超音波探測)與驅動控制技術及其系統晶片研製,先進定位導航技術,智慧型視覺與聽覺,智慧型人機互動系統設計以及順服雙手臂學習合作與視覺伺服等六項。整合計畫的重點是需整合以上核心技術,完成可進行實驗展示的半人型服務機械人系統,並且進行必要的使用者評估。除創新理論與技術的發展外,所有的單項關鍵技術與整合系統功能均需被實際地製作成系統晶片並分別在原型設備上進行實驗測試以檢證其可行性與有效性。本整合計畫所開發的關鍵技術可提昇智慧半人型服務機械人系統的運動功能、操控性、感知、學習與智慧;所研發的系統軟硬體建置與相關實務技術,不但有助於現今目前與人共生機器人系統的研製,同時可推廣應用於休閒娛樂、居家服務以及老年照護機器人之研發。
其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-070-MY3
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