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標題: Biometric Personnel Identification and Applications Based on Chaotic ECG Signals
作者: 林俊良
關鍵字: 心電圖;Electrocardiogram;電子電機工程類;安全通訊;混沌加密;混沌同步;應用研究;Security communication;chaotic encryption;chaoticsynchronization
Electrocardiography (ECG) is a noninvasive recording produced by anelectrocardiographic device which is a transthoracic interpretation of the electrical activity ofthe human's heart over time captured. From the data base of medical ECG signals forthousands of people, ECG seems to be irregular, random, and changing from person to person.Because of high randomness and complexity of ECG in human beings, its feature is extremelyhard and is likely impossible to be duplicated artificially. However, it has recently beenshown in the literature that the kind of signals is, in fact, chaotic. Because people's ECGs areextremely hard to be artificially duplicated, this project thus intends to investigate the way toextract the specific biometric features of ECG signals for possible use in the biometricpersonnel identification. Since the specific features of ECGs are difficult to be extracted fromthe time domain expression, the signal is converted into the phase plane and ECG chaosextractor is applied to capture the major indices of ECG chaos, i.e. Lyapunov exponentsspectrum, correlation dimension, central tendency, K-S entropy, etc. The features are thenused as the key input variables for neural networking training and used in a personalauthentication scheme. From the viewpoint of applications, the developed identifier would beappropriate for secure communication as well. After successful development of theECG-based personal authentication system, it will be incorporated with cryptography toperform chaotic encryption and de-encryption in secure communication. A hardware systemconsisting of sensors, ECG extractor, and post signal processing identifier will beimplemented to experimentally show the applicability of the proposed approach.

其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-066
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