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標題: Development of Immediate Medical Care Platform Based on Acquisition of Ecg Signals
以心脈診斷為基礎之即時照護平台開發( I )
作者: 林俊良
關鍵字: ECG;電子電機工程類;心脈量測;心率變異;即時照護;技術發展
In this academic-industrial collaboration project, we are going to develop a novel two-electrode hand-helddevice with the functions of ECG detection, transmission and management, which can detect the human'sheart-rate status and ECG signals and transmit the collected information. Design of the system willincorporate the wireless communication technique to transmit collected data to cellular telephones orcomputers, and provide user with his/her the real-time health status. In addition, the historical ECG datawill be stored and analyzed statistically in an embedded system for the diagnosis purpose. The spectrumanalysis technique and Fourier transform are utilized to identify the characteristic frequency. The system isable to autonomously analyze user's life behavior patterns that may affect HRV parameters so as toaccomplish the task of disease prediction, prevention and health management. With a friendly user-machineinterface, users may use it easily and daily for real-time healthcare and personal-health management.

傳統應用於健身儀器之手握式心跳量測儀至少有四導電片,而應用於醫學診斷之ECG量測儀器更可高達12導程,此應用在個人健康照護上均有其實務上的不方便性。本計畫以創新兩片式設計可感測即時動態的心跳頻率與心電圖量測,將所偵測到之心脈訊號作心率變異分析(HRV),發展心電圖特徵辨識分析技術,將HRV與疾病關聯性做初步判別,並可傳輸到個人電腦顯示與提醒使用者,同時將心電圖數據作表格化管理提供使用者簡單辨識。藉由「動態心脈訊號量測」、「無線傳輸」、「心率變異HRV(Heart Rate Variability)分析」與「即時照護」的技術整合,期望提供使用者一即時的健康管理平台,協助使用者監控並維持健康之目標。此目標之達成對於即將邁入老人社會的台灣將可提供一方便的健康照護平台,也是具有未來商機潛力的產學合作規劃。
其他識別: NSC100-2622-E005-002-CC2
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