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標題: 中低溫熱處理對晶圓內部缺陷的影響及其特性分析,並應用在HIT太陽能電池的製備(I)
The Formation of Defects in Silicon Wafer at Low-To-Medium Temperature Range, and Application to Hit Solar Cell.
作者: 貢中元
關鍵字: 太陽能電池;電子電機工程類;熱施體;氫鈍化;去疵;低溫熱處理;基礎研究
This is a two years proposal; First year, we will investigate the defects formation details on the Cz silicon wafer in middle and low temperature range. The characteristic of Cz silicon will be well studied to match the “solar cell” device process. The second year, we will use the defect free wafers and the parameters studied in the first year to fabricate the heterogeneous intrinsic thin (HIT) layer solar cell and also analyze the effect of different types of defects on the efficiency of solar cell.In this proposal, we will quantitatively study all the defects formation at middle (750℃) to low temperature range( 450-300℃) and also try to passivate these defects by hydrogen treatment and to understand the interaction mechanism between hydrogen and shallow level impurities, such as boron and phosphorous. In the meantime, we will study the aluminum thin film gettering mechanism in the temperature range of 600 to 700 ℃. With the experiments proposed above, we hoped that we can understand how did these defects affect the wafer lifetime and find out a way to eliminate the defects. A most promising low temperature process will be applied to fabricate the solar cell.

本計畫為兩年計畫,第一年集中在柴氏Cz晶圓(p及n型)的中低温熱處理後的品質與特性分析,第二年是製備無缺陷(defect free)的Cz晶片,及低溫製程對於HIT太陽能電池品質研究,並分析其特性。本計畫是研究750℃以下中、低溫狀態在Cz所產生的各種缺陷。包括熱施體(thermal donor)、新施體(new donor)及低溫氧凝聚物(precipitate)。並藉由250℃到450℃的氫鈍化處理,觀察氫擴散對上述各類缺陷的影響。並希望透過精確的實驗來研究氫與淺階雜質(硼、磷)的鈍化或中和(neutralization)現象。也同時研究鋁薄膜在中低溫的(600℃-700℃)的去疵作用。藉由上述實驗可望找出低溫時形成的各類缺陷對lifetime的影響,並且找到消除上述與中、低温有関的缺陷,以改善Cz晶片的載子生命期。找出最佳化低溫處理參數,有助於太陽能電池效率的提升。要完全了解製程中各項缺陷的產生與電載子消長的關係,本計劃設計更精確的實驗來通盤了解太陽能電池製作過程所造成的可能影響。
其他識別: NSC100-2221-E005-013
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