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標題: 盲人手勢即時辨識
Real-time Hand Gesture Recognition for Visually Impaired
作者: 張馨之
Chang, Hsin-Chih
關鍵字: 手勢辨識;Hand Gesture Recognition;Kinect;盲人點字;深度影像;Depth image;Kinect;Braille
出版社: 通訊工程研究所
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手勢在人機互動中是最自然且最簡單的溝通方式,並且科技發達使手勢操控更容易實現,因此手勢成為近期熱門的研究議題。Kinect for Xbox 360是近幾年最常用來抓取手勢的深度感應器,它的出現讓非接觸式的操控容易執行,並且讓肢體操控在遊戲與生活中也越來越常見,只因它有著低成本與品質不錯的深度影像。
本篇論文主要將手勢與盲人點字結合,利用左手與右手的大拇指、食指、中指取代盲人點字的六點點字,讓視障者不須重新學習並且能快速適應操作方式。方法過程為利用Kinect for Xbox 360來擷取深度影像,設一段深度區間獲取手勢轉成二值影像即使在複雜的背景之下,轉成二值影像可使後續的影像處理變得簡單快速,接著影像經形態學處理過後再執行手腕切割,再完成偵測指尖個數後即可進行手勢辨識,加上語音撥放提供驗證。

Hand gesture in Human-Computer-Interaction is the most natural and easiest way to communicate. Furthermore, that is the easy way to achieve gesture control due to technology advancements. Thus, that’s the reason why hand gesture is a hot research topic recently. Moreover, Kinect for Xbox 360 of 3D depth sensing is usually being used to get hand gesture image. Because of cheap and depth image in high-quality, Kinect makes non-contact control easier to execute and body control more common in the games.
In this paper, we propose hand gesture recognition method through combining hand gesture and Braille by using thumb, index finger and middle finger of both of hand to replace six dots of Braille. Braille let visually impaired people don’t need to re-learn and quickly adapt to operation. First of all, the procedure of method is convert depth image obtained from Kinect sensor into binary image by setting threshold, even though background is complex. The advantage of binary image is that the subsequent image processing becomes simple and rapid. Secondly, hand shape segmented by cutting hand’s wrist in the image after morphological image processing. Finally, executing hand gesture recognition with voice playback to provide authentication when fingertip detection finished.
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