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標題: 建立中區疾病診斷中心之病理學檢驗之標準作業程序
Establish Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) of Pathological Diagnosis in the Central Diagnostic Center
作者: 林正忠
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類;應用研究
動物疾病診斷中心目前硬體設施已經接近完工, 但實際運作之模式仍未有規劃.故於開辦之初, 應事先編定工作項目之標準作業程序.下列之問題若不能有效處理, 則疾病蔓延與病畜及畜主之追蹤則完全無法掌握, 甚至行政機構與作業流程因而喪失資訊, 則動物疾病診斷中心新成立之宗旨將完全喪失.包括: 1.疫病之病史收集與紀錄應有詳細之規定, 而且為使疫情能迅速掌控與通報, 利用電腦與網路來處理上述諸項資訊方為正確之工作.2.由於診斷中心為第一線獸醫師或現場工作者將患畜或病死動物後送之機構.故動物之運送方式一定需考量是否能阻絕疫病的傳播, 否則病、死動物之體液、分泌物或糞便若因運輸而將疾病傳播開.則結果將與動物防疫之宗旨相違背.3.目前已有多所國內外研究機構撰寫完成獸醫病理病理診斷之標準作程序SOP, 將其彙整與實際操作於診斷中心解剖房, 由實際操作中進行小幅度之修改, 使此SOP真正成為可使用的SOP.4.建立解剖後的組織後送程序SOP.包括臨床微生物學( 細菌, 病毒, 寄生蟲, 血清等 )檢查, 臨床藥物與毒物學, 臨床病理學等後送機制之建立.並將進度追蹤與繳交結果之時間訂定明確.工作綱要與評估項目如下: 撰寫完成中區動物疾病診斷中心病理檢驗之標準作業程序.收集國內外各動物疾病診斷機構之作業程序, 修改及實際操作於解剖與診斷作業中.小幅修改並反覆試作以期達到可用與好用之目的.將病例之資訊以往路傳送方式能垂直與水平方式向各防疫機構通報.以期能達到掌握疫情與防疫的目的.教育訓練送檢機關與個人關於動物疫情之重要收集項目, 運送與包裝方式.以其掌握最正確之疫情.內部人員與剖檢獸醫師之再教育, 以三次複檢方式減少人為誤差.

The animal disease diagnosis center will be finish 3month later.The building was almost complete worked, but the running system still not established.So the standard operation procedure ( SOP )of the pathological diagnosis must be established.The SOP included pre-operation, operation and post-operation.Pre-operation procedures including history collection, transport safety and the detail information of epidemiology and etiology computerized.Operation procedure included standard method in necropsy and histopathology laboratory.Young pathological veterinarians were intensively educated for diagnosis accuracy.Their diagnosis reports were monitored by senior pathologists.Post-operation procedures included the sampling for microbiology and toxicology laboratory.How to reserve and storage were the most difficult procedure between pathology and microbiology laboratory.Reports of the cases will send or mail to the owner or local disease control center.If there were presumable cases such as foot and mouth disease or other OIE list A diseases, the samples must delivered to Taiwan research institute of animal health for more sensitive methods in diagnosis.The SOP must fit for the laboratories and instruments so the SOP from the other countries not always fit for us.One of the SOPs that were collected previously must be modified for the new environment.Trying and modification of the SOP will repeated several times.
其他識別: 90農科-6.2.2-檢-B3(5)
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