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標題: The Development and Application of Diagnostic Technique of Swine Progressive Atrophic Rhinitis
作者: 劉正義
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類;技術發展
The toxin-producing strains of Pasteurella multocida (both type D and A) are characterized to be the major causative agent of progressive atrophic rhinitis (PAR) in swine. The P. multocida toxin (PMT) with a calculated molecular weight of 146 kDa has also been identified to cause the atrophy of nasal turbinate and skeletal bones. PAR can affect all ages of swine but piglets are most susceptible. The economic lose due to PAR or following the complication of porcine respiratory disease complex will become tremendously in swine production. Vaccination is a good strategy for immunization and can be applied to reduce the cost and lost of management. However, there is no good and standardized method for evaluation of anti-PMT neutralizing antibody after immunization. The most utilized methods used to evaluate PAR antibody from immunized pigs include lethal tests in mice, dermonecrotic tests in guinea pigs, and vero cell cytopathic effect assay. Nevertheless, all these assays are time consuming and costly and most important, all methods can't provide an accurate, easy preparation and standard procedure to evaluate PAR antibody titer in serum. Serological enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) have been broad applied for detection variety of antibodies against several toxins. The purpose of this project is trying to develop an efficient ELISA testing kit to evaluate anti-PMT neutralizing antibody titer from vaccinated sows or piglets for control the prevalence of PAR.

豬萎縮性鼻炎(Progressive atrophic rhinitis; PAR)為感染豬隻上呼吸道之重要細菌性疾病,主要是由D與A型Pasteurella multocida毒力株感染所引起,許多實驗均證實,經免疫分子量約為146 kDa之不活化Pasteurella multocida toxin (PMT)類毒素,能預防PAR的發生,然而native PMT在菌體內分泌量非常微量且易降解,為解決此一困難,本實驗室已成功發展PMT毒素次單位重組蛋白,並完成動物效力及田間試驗.傳統上評估PAR中和抗體力價高低主要是以小鼠致死性試驗、天竺鼠皮膚壞死性試驗、及vero vell細胞培養等方式進行分析,但不論是小鼠致死性試驗、天竺鼠皮膚壞死性試驗、及細胞培養等方法均耗時費力,且結果亦會因操作人員不同及動物間個體差異而造成人為或判讀上之誤差,其結果的再現性及敏感度亦備受質疑.而酵素結合免疫吸附反應分析(enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays; ELISA)業已被廣泛應用於多種類毒素疫苗免疫效力之評估,顯示ELISA應可成功取代小鼠致死性試驗作為PAR中和抗體分析之另一依據,因此,本計畫將利用實驗室所研製之次單位重組毒素蛋白與抗PMT單源抗體,結合ELISA方法研發檢測套組,除能有效監測母豬與仔豬免疫後之抗體力價外,若再配合經技術移轉完成之重組次單位PAR疫苗的施用,必能更有效控制田間PAR之嚴重疫情.
其他識別: 92農科-4.2.2-檢-B2(4)
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