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標題: Diagnosis and Prevention of Swine Diseases in 11 Pig Farms of Tsc
作者: 李維誠
關鍵字: 豬病;swine disease;畜牧獸醫類;疾病診斷;血清監控;疾病預防;應用研究;diagnosis;serologic monitoring;prevention;control
The cooperation project of " Establishing the control and monitoring system of swine diseases" between Division of Pig Production of Taiwan Sugar Company and Animal Disease Diagnostic Center (ADDC) of National Chung Hsing University is aimed to monitor and control swine diseases in 11 pig farms which distribute in the region between Chiyi, to Taichung Countys. Pig farms automatically submit samples or carcasses for pathological, microbiological and molecular technique diagnosis. Those results will be referred for disease control and knowing etiology of disease occurring in farms. One or two pig farms with the worest performance will be asked and submitted specimens to ADDC for definitive diagnosis every 3 months. Moreover, all pig farms will be evaluated the self-protective ability against classical swine fever (CSF) through CSF antibody monitor after LPC vaccination. In addition, ADDC has the obligation to offer new knowledge and technique to assist pig farm improving disease control.

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