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標題: 平行遺傳演算法以電腦叢集為工具應用於地下水優選問題之探討
Implementation of a Parallel Genetic Algorithm on PC Cluster to Solve Groundwater Optimization Problems
作者: 嚴浩哲
Yen , Hao-Che
關鍵字: parallel genetic algorithm;平行遺傳演算法;PC Cluster;groundwater optimization problems;電腦叢集;地下水優選問題
出版社: 環境工程學系

PC Cluster is a new technique of high speed computing and has a very good cost/efficiency ratio. It has been successfully applied in many researches such as astronomy, physics, hydrodynamics, electromagnetic, meteorology and water resources planning and management. This main objective of this research is to develop a parallel genetic algorithm that can be executed on a PC Cluster platform to solve the optimal solutions of groundwater remediation problems.
The results showed that the parallel genetic algorithm can solve the complicated groundwater optimization problems effectively and more efficiently. Compared with the sequential genetic algorithm models, the computational time of the parallel version is significantly reduced. Furthermore, when the number of CPU increases, the model can still maintain its computational efficiency and speedup at a good quality. Therefore, the computational time of those large scale and complicated problems can be remarkably decreased by using the PC Clusters which contain more CPUs.
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