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標題: 中部地區化學期刊圖書服務計畫
Operational Budget for the Fiscal Years 2008-2010 of the Nsc Chemistry Library in the Central Region
作者: 李茂榮
關鍵字: 化學類;基礎研究;化學;圖書中心;中部地區;國科會;中興大學
本計劃提供中部地區各大專院校師生,在化學學術教學研究上完善之參考資訊服務。為滿足中部各大專院校師生學術教學研究上之需求,化學相關期刊及圖書的蒐集採購需長期訂購,以避免因資料搜尋困難,影響中部地區之學術研究發展。本計劃將定期採購及收集有關化學方面之相關各種期刊、書籍,以利中部地區各大專院校師生學術教學研究之進行。期能做最迅速完善的服務,以發展中部地區之基礎科學,響應政府發展重點科技之政策。為提供中部地區各大專院校在圖書及期刊資料之服務,期刊之購買需長期訂購,且須因應期刊每年10%-15%漲幅。2007 年本圖書中心花費530 萬元購買書籍及續訂期刊,中興大學配合款為365 萬,目前收集超過5000 本書及108 種期刊。考慮期刊漲幅,2008 年預估圖書中心需要625 萬元經費,以維持目前期刊數目。沒有國科會圖書中心的支持,圖書館無法維持正常運作。中心補助之圖書費已多年未調整,中部化學圖書中心2008 年度擬申請275 萬研究設備費之補助,懇請鈞中心支持所需經費之補助,以利中部地區各大專院校學術研究之進行。若補助經費不足,恐需刪減期刊因應。

In this proposal the Operational Budget for the Fiscal Years from 2008 to2010 of the NSC Chemistry Library in the Central Region」is presented. Themain purpose of this Center is to provide quick and first hand service to thechemistry students as well as chemists around the central region of Taiwan withcurrent and up-to-dated chemical information. For the past years, this Center hasalready accommodated more than 5000 volumes of books as well as more than100 kinds of periodical journals. It has become an indispensable tool for thescientists working on chemistry related research in this region. To maintain therunning of this size, more than 6 million NT budget is essential to keep pacewith the upraising price of journals and books.Without the financial supportboth from NSC and NCHU, this kind of service is not possible. Therefore, wehumbly request 2.75 million NT each year for the next three years from NSC tosupport the running of this already well-established and well-recognized library.
其他識別: NSC97-2735-M005-002-MY3
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