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標題: 可拋棄式超微電極於能源與感測器之研發與應用
The Developement and Application of Disposable Ultramicroelectrodes in Energy Research and Sensor Technology
作者: 曾志明
關鍵字: 化學類;基礎研究;Ultramicroelectrode;超微電極;磷酸化蛋白質;生物燃料電池;Screen printed electrode;Biofuel cell;Proteinphosphorylation

Our group has had a long-standing interest in chemical and biological sensors andcontinues to pursue advances in the preparation of novel chemically modified screen-printedelectrodes. We have already successfully developed a device for single-drop whole bloodanalysis of uric acid, free radical, and heavy metals. The proposal is primarily focused on thesensitive and selective electrochemical analysis of different analytes from pollutants, clinical,industrial, and environmental sources based on the development of disposable screen-printedultramicroelectrodes (designated as SPUMEs). The proposal has also focused on the design ofbiochips to meet the new challenge and demand in analytical chemistry for medical andclinical diagnosis. We have developed a novel and simple process for the fabrication of apoly(methyl metharcylate) (PMMA) based microchip electrophoresis device. This process isinexpensive, less time consuming, and simpler in comparing to conventional fabricationmethods. The combination of this PMMA-based microchip fabrication together withscreen-printed electrode technology holds a great promise for the mass production of asingle-use micrototal analytical system. To develop biofuel cell based on new type and lowcost electrodes prepared by screen-printed technology is the other goal of this proposal. Thecell performance can be achieved by combination with special redox probes, semiconductorand catalyst (e.g., Cu2O, CuPtCl6). The success of the proposal lies in the right combination ofour previous experience in screen-printed electrode and knowledge in material chemistry.
其他識別: NSC97-2113-M005-009-MY3
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