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標題: Availability Analysis of Systems with Detection Delay, Imperfect Coverage and Reboot Delay
作者: 柯志斌
關鍵字: 數學類;應用研究;unavailability;效益度;偵測延遲;敏感度;不完全復原;啟動延遲;輔助變數;reboot delay;detection delay;imperfect coverage;supplementaryvariable
我們研究在考慮偵測延遲、不完全復原與啟動延遲的條件下,一個含有備用(standby) 機器的可修復系統之效益度分析。假設主要與備用機器之故障時間均是服從指數分配。一旦任何一台機器故障,偵測到其發生故障的時間平均會延遲,一旦偵測到機器故障,備用機器將馬上以復原成功機率為c 進行替代,且若復原失敗則須經平均時間的延遲啟動。此一偵測延遲的時間與啟動延遲的時間,均假設是服從指數分配,而故障機器之修理時間則服從一般分配。我們利用輔助變數(supplementary variable)技巧來求得系統在穩態狀況下的非效益度(Unavailability, UAv),我們考慮系統有四種可能的配置(configuration)並研究修理時間之三種可能的分配為:指數、k-stage Erlang 或定值。我們利用一些例子來探討系統參數對系統的非效益度之影響。除此之外,我們並分析研究各種系統參數對系統特性之敏感度。

We study the unavailability characteristics among four different configurations with warmstandby units in which detection delay, imperfect coverage and reboot delay are considered.The four configurations are studied under the assumption that the time-to-failure of active (orstandby) units are exponentially distributed and the time-to-repair of breakdown units aregenerally distributed. The detection times and reboot times are assumed to be exponentiallydistributed with parameterand, respectively. We also assume that the coverage factor c isthe same for the failure of active and standby units. This paper provides a systematic matrixmethod, using the supplementary variable technique to develop the steady-state unavailability,UAv, for four configurations and perform comparative analysis for three various repair timedistributions, such as exponential, k-stage Erlang and deterministic. We also perform thesensitivity analysis for changes in unavailability along with the changes in specific values ofthe systems parameters.
其他識別: NSC97-2118-M005-003
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