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dc.description.abstractThe depletion of fossil fuels and exhaustion of natural resources make biomass energy as an attractive alternative energy source. The objective of the study focuses on the promotion of biomass gasification for hydrogen production in fluidized bed reactor by bed additive including zeolite,CaO alkaline earth metals, and transition metals. The additive characterizations are performed through nitrogen adsorption apparatus, field-emission scanning electron microscope/energy dispersive spectrometer (FE-SEM/EDS), and X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) spectroscopy techniques. The results of biomass gasification show zeolite additive has higher capacity for enhancing hydrogen production rate than CaO and the optimal amount was 200g. For earth metal additive, Ca/SiO2 decreases the CO2 selectivity and Mg/SiO2 enhances the H2 selectivity due to CO2 adsorption via the formation of CaO and the promotion of water gas shift reaction, respectively. For transition metal additive, Ni/Al2O3 has higher capacity for promotion of hydrogen production than Cu/Al2O3 because of well Ni metal dispersion and high specific surface area. The results indicate all these additives enhance the hydrogen production rates with the increase of the additive amount. The additives play important roles in the increase of reaction rate, enhancement of biomass gasification, and promotion of carbon transformation.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents摘 要 i Abstract ii 目 錄 iii 圖目錄 vi 表目錄 viii 第一章 前言 1 1-1 研究緣起 1 1-2 研究動機 2 1-3 研究目的與流程 2 第二章 文獻回顧 4 2-1 能源簡介 4 2-1-1 能源現況 4 2-1-2 再生能源 7 2-2 氫能發展 12 2-2-1 氫能 12 2-2-2 氫能生產現況 13 2-3 熱化學轉換技術 15 2-4 流體化床 25 2-4-1 流體化床現象 25 2-4-2 流體化床應用 26 2-5 流體化床之操作參數 26 2-5-1 最小流體化速度(Umf) 27 2-5-2 床質膨脹現象 28 2-5-3 床質的粒徑分布 28 2-5-4 氣泡的性質 29 2-6 生質物氣化程序之影響因子 29 2-6-1 空氣配比(ER)影響 32 2-6-2 介質的影響 33 2-6-3 溫度影響 36 2-6-4 添加劑的影響 37 2-6-4-1 沸石(Zeolite) 37 2-6-4-2 鹼土金屬添加劑 38 2-6-4-3 過渡金屬添加劑 40 2-7 文獻總結 44 第三章 實驗設備與方法 45 3-1 實驗架構 45 3-2 實驗設備 45 3-2-1 氣體採樣設備 47 3-3 實驗材料及器材 48 3-4 添加劑製備方法 49 3-4-1 氧化鈣、沸石添加劑之製備 49 3-4-2 鹼土金屬床質改質添加劑之製備 49 3-4-3 過渡金屬添加劑之製備 50 3-5 實驗方法 52 3-5-1 進料組成模擬 52 3-5-2 實驗操作條件 52 3-5-3 實驗流程 54 3-6 分析儀器 55 第四章 結果與討論 59 4-1 氧化鈣(CaO)、沸石(Zeolite)添加劑對氣化產氫之影響 59 4-1-1 氧化鈣(CaO)、沸石(Zeolite)添加劑之特性分析 59 4-1-2 氧化鈣(CaO)、沸石(Zeolite)添加劑之活性測試 60 4-2 鹼土金屬床質改質添加劑對氣化產氫之影響 64 4-2-1 鹼土金屬床質改質添加劑之特性分析 64 4-2-2 鹼土金屬床質改質添加劑之活性測試 68 4-3 過渡金屬添加劑對氣化產氫之影響 72 4-3-1 過渡金屬添加劑之特性分析 72 4-3-2 過渡金屬添加劑之活性測試 76 第五章 結論與建議 80 5-1 結論 80 5-2 建議 81 參考文獻 82 附錄一 實驗數劇 92zh_TW
dc.subjectbiomass energyen_US
dc.subjectfluidized beden_US
dc.titleEffect of bed-additives on hydrogen production during fluidized bed biomass gasification processen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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