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標題: 以鑭系金屬Nd、Sm、La改質二氧化鈦光催化降解染料Acid Red 27之研究
Study on the Photocatalytic Degradation of Acid Red 27 Using TiO2 Modified by Nd、Sm、La
作者: 林惠曼
Lin, Hui-Man
關鍵字: 二氧化鈦;紫外光催化;可見光催化;溶膠凝膠法;含鑭系金屬(釹、釤、鑭)之二氧化鈦;偶氮染料;TiO2;Photocatalystic under UV ligh;Photocatalystic under visible light;Sol-gel method;Lanthanide(Nd、Sm、La)-TiO2;Acid Red 27
出版社: 環境工程學系所
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利用溶膠凝膠法製備光觸媒,以鑭系離子(Nd、Sm、La)摻雜於TiO2進行改質,其光催化活性以Acid Red 27作為光解目標污染物。透過場發射掃描式電子顯微鏡(FE-SEM)、化學分析電子能譜儀(ESCA)、X-ray繞射儀(XRD)及表面零電荷點pH值(pHzpc)進行分析及研究TiO2之結構性質,並經由Acid Red 27於紫外光及可見光之鑭系金屬改質後的觸媒進行光催化活性與吸附能力實驗。
經由FE-SEM及XRD等特性分析結果顯示,製備TiO2光觸媒其結構均勻,顆粒粒徑約為30 nm,結晶晶型以銳鈦礦為主;而由鑭系金屬改質之光觸媒顆粒大小一致,均小於15 nm,晶型轉變為銳鈦礦與金紅石複合型晶型,且隨著鑭系金屬的添加量提升金紅石的比例也隨之增加。

Lanthanide ions (Nd3+﹐Sm3+ and La3+) doped TiO2 nanoparticles were successfully synthesized by sol-gel method. Their photocatalytic activities were evaluated that using Acid Red 27(AR27) as a decomposition objective. The structural features of TiO2 and lanthanide ions/TiO2 were investigated by Field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM), Electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis system (ESCA), X-ray diffractometer(XRD) and Partical size and zeta potential analyzer(pHzpc). The adsorption abilities and photocatalytic activity of Lanthanide ions-TiO2 were evaluated by AR 27 degradation under UV light and visible light illumination.
The XRD pattern of TiO2 presents is only anatase phases, but Lanthanide-TiO2 presents are both anatase and rutile phases. The contents of the rutile phase increased with increase of the molar ratio of Lanthanide-TiO2. The SEM image of the Lanthanide-TiO2 showed particles of regular shape with smaller size <15 nm compare to the TiO2, which presented uniform particles of spherical structure and larger size about 30 nm.
The valence number of Nd-TiO2 photocatalyst were not altered and Neodymium on TiO2 structure was in the status of Nd0 and Nd3+;Samarium on TiO2 structure was in the status of Sm3+;Lanthanum on TiO2 structure was in the status of La3+. The pHzpc of Lanthanide-TiO2 phtotcatalyst were hight than pure TiO2. The result presented that the Lanthanide-TiO2 is powerful to treat dye ,color and TOC. In the FTIR spectrum, the peaks of N=N double bond was eliminated after the Lanthanide-TiO2 reaction.
Compare with TiO2, the Lanthanide-TiO2 have better response of UV light and visible light. In UV light and visible light system, at pH 4 and 7 have better discoloration and mineralization.
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