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標題: Rop GTPase and Its Target Cdc42/Rac-Interactive-Binding Motif-Containing Protein Genes Respond to Desiccation during Pollen Maturation
作者: Hsu, S.W.
Cheng, C.L.
Tzen, T.C.J.
Wang, C.S.
關鍵字: Desiccation;Lily (Lilium longiflorum);Pollen maturation;RIC protein;Rop GTPase;Tube growth;lilium-longiflorum;tube growth;negative regulator;arabidopsis;stress;anther;signal;reveals;pathway;osracb
Project: Plant and Cell Physiology
期刊/報告no:: Plant and Cell Physiology, Volume 51, Issue 7, Page(s) 1197-1209.
Here, we report unique desiccation-associated ABA signaling transduction through which the Rop (Rho GTPase of plants) gene is regulated during the stage of pollen maturation. A gene encoding Rho GTPase was identified in lily (Lilium longiflorum Thunb.) pollen. Phylogenetic tree analysis of lily LLP-Rop1 revealed that the protein shares greatest similarity with Group 4 Rops. The LLP-Rop1 gene was spatially and temporally regulated in lily plants during anther development. Accumulation of the LLP-Rop1 transcript decreased its level of accumulation while LLP-12-2, a Rop-interactive CRIB motif-containing (RIC) transcript increased either by premature drying of developing anther/pollen or by the exogenous application of various concentrations of abscisic acid (ABA) during pollen maturation and tube growth. Application of norflurazon, an ABA biosynthesis inhibitor, also resulted in the downregulation of the LLP-Rop1 gene while LLP-12-2 was upregulated by ABA. Furthermore, an increase in ABA in the maturing pollen correlated with desiccation that occurred in the anther prior to anthesis. LLP-Rop1 overexpression inhibited tube elongation, and caused tube expansion and the formation of a ballooned tip. CFP-LLP-Rop1 was localized to the cytoplasm having a greater intensity along the tube plasma membrane. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer analysis of lily pollen tubes coexpressing CFP-LLP-Rop1 and YFP-LLP-12-2 demonstrated that LLP-12-2 is a target RIC protein of active LLP-Rop1, but the interaction between LLP-Rop1 and LLP-12-2 proteins is probably irrelevant of dehydration in the dried pollen.
ISSN: 0032-0781
DOI: 10.1093/pcp/pcq076
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