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標題: 臺灣排灣語方言語音音韻之介面研究-語音資料庫的建立(Ⅱ)
The Phonetics-Phonology Interface of the Paiwan Dialects- Establishing the Voice Corpus (II)
作者: 陳春美
關鍵字: Voice Corpus;語音資料庫;語文;Phonetics-Phonology Interface;Paiwan Dialects;語音音韻介面;排灣語方言;基礎研究
面對臺灣原住民語言急速流失的現狀, 語言學界對於臺灣排灣語語音及音韻描述或分析的研究相對地稀少。至於語音現象如何影響音韻系統、音韻系統如何在語音層次上被驗證, 語音及音韻的介面研究, 迄今仍相當匱乏。 然而,語音音韻的介面研究, 對於語音保存、田野調查的實務性,及語言學的專業學術研究, 都有其存在的必要性。若無基礎語音音韻系統研究的探討, 對於所紀錄的語音資料, 是否能成為忠實的田野調查紀錄, 可以存疑。本研究聚焦於排灣語方言, 以聲學語音學(Acoustics Phonetics)及實驗音韻學(Laboratory Phonology)的理論與方法提供一些科學的証據,瞭解更多語音音韻介面的現象,這些現象又反過來修正或重新詮釋描述語言學(Descriptive Linguistics) 及音韻學理論(Phonological Theories)的研究成果。本計劃的首要目標在於整合語音實驗室與田野調查所建構的語音資料庫, 一方面忠實紀錄並補充方音的差異, 一方面探討語音資料庫建立過程中語音音韻的互動現象。建立排灣語語音資料庫及整合語音資料庫與語音實驗室不僅能彙整與驗證語音差異、進行各方言的區別音位建構, 更能提供語言學田野調查方法上新的蒐集語料模式; 語音資料庫在學術上,亦可作為進一步語言學研究的題材。表

The project investigates the Phonetics-Phonology interface of the Paiwan dialects, based on the under construction voice corpus and the varieties from Sandimen, Majia, Taiwu, Gulou, Shimen, and Mudan villages in Pingtung County, as well as Dawu and Taimali dialects in Taitung County. The majority of field reports on Formosan languages give rather minimal details on their phonetic, phonological, and prosodic properties, usually one or two lines of vague description, not to mention the number of field reports on Formosan languages is rather small. The project addresses questions related to the evolution of language within the Paiwan dialect speech communities and the development of language within the individual speaker. In the present project, the interaction between phonetic variation and phonological distinctive features will be dealt with, and the principles and the methodology in Laboratory Phonology and Acoustic Phonetics will be used to verify the existing field notes in descriptive linguistics or adjust the phonological theories.Eight dialects of Paiwan, including Northern, Central, Southern, and Eastern varieties of Paiwan, will be studied. The speech styles such as word lists, phrases, sentences, stories, and spontaneous speech will be collected in the field and served as the voice corpus in the phonetic laboratory for measurements and further empirical studies. The second goal of the project is to harness the professional software of acoustic analysis and speech technologies to aid in the collection of field data. While constructing the voice corpus, it is hoped that a portable phonetic laboratory is accessible to the recording and analyzing tasks in the Paiwan voice data. The present project draws evidence from the field data and proposes an account for the interaction between phonetic variance and phonological invariance among the Paiwan dialects.The most significant contribution of the current project will be the construction of the voice corpus and the interface study of the segments and suprasegmentals in the Paiwan dialects, which has never been done in any earlier field report or project. The preservation of the phonetic voice data of the Paiwan dialects will help researchers understand more about the dialects and the language.
其他識別: NSC97-2410-H005-036
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