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標題: 以UV/TiO2結合超音波程序降解偶氮染料AcidYellow17之研究
Study on the degradation of Acid Yellow 17 by combination of UV/TiO2 and Ultrasonic Processes
作者: 洪紹軒
hong, shao-xuan
關鍵字: Sonophotocatalytic;偶氮染料;UV/TiO2;Acid Yellow 17;Fenton-like;二氧化鈦;超音波;鐵離子
出版社: 環境工程學系所
本研究為結合UV/TiO2程序與超音波程序降解偶氮染料Acid Yellow 17之實驗,探討pH值、染料初始濃度、TiO2添加量、二價鐵與三價鐵添加量對整體去除效率之影響。
在10瓦超音波與13瓦UVA燈管照射下,兩處理程序之結合具有明顯的加成性處理效果。由觸媒特性分析結果可知, TiO2之晶型與外觀並無明顯改變,而比表面積可提升約53%。
由於反應過程中並沒有偵測到過氧化氫之生成(低於1 mg/L),故二價鐵與三價鐵之添加並無法有效產生Fenton-like之反應,然而鐵離子之添加對染料之初始吸附量與降解速率有顯著之影響,且在相同濃度下,三價鐵之處理效果優於二價鐵。

The degradation of Acid Yellow 17 was investigated by means of photocatalysis and ultrasound irradiation. The effects of parameters such as pH, initial concentration of dye, TiO2, addition of Fe2+ and Fe3+ were studied. Experiments were conducted at an ultrasound intensity of 10 W and a 13 W UVA lamps and a synergistic effect between sonolysis and photocatalysis was observed. The physicochemical properties of TiO2 were characterized by using BET surface area, XRD and FE-SEM. The results show that there was no significant change in crystal structure and appearance on TiO2, but the specific surface area of TiO2 was increased by about 53%. For the cases studied, there was no hydrogen peroxide formation(<1 mg/L), so the Fenton-like reaction was not significant. Fe3+ and Fe2+ were found to affect both the adsorption equilibrium on TiO2 and the degradation efficiency, and Fe3+ had the better results than Fe2+.
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