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標題: 都市污水處理廠放流水回收再利用研究 -以台中市福田水資源回收中心為例-
Recycle and Reuse of Effluent from Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant : - Case Study of Fu-Tian Water Resource Recycling Center in Taichung City -
作者: 李長應
Li, Chang-Ying
關鍵字: 生活污水再生利用;the municipal wastewater reclamation and reuse;都市污水處理廠;國家放流水標準;工業用水;回 收潛勢;健康風險評估;the municipal wastewater treatment plant;the national effluent standard;the industrial processing water;high potential for reclamation;health risk assessment project
出版社: 環境工程學系所
都市污水再生利用已為國際趨勢,政府正大力推動污水下水道建設,目前台中市福田水資源回收中心(簡稱“福田廠”)日平均放流水量約每日5.3~5.5萬噸(CMD) ,未來四期開發完成水量將達350,000 CMD,為中部地區具有相當規模之大型生活污水處理廠;福田廠之放流水量隨污水用戶接管率提高亦正逐漸增加,放流水質均符合國家放流水標準,由於放流水水量大且處理後水質理想,故可開拓為缺水時之替代水源。該廠自91年起正式操作至今已將近6年,操作期間進出流水質、水量維持相對穩定,若能有效利用該廠水資源,經再生後予以回收利用期能創造再生水之經濟價值,並能針對中部地區未來之工業用水需求獲得相對調節作用,為本研究主要重點,亦據此列為優先考量。
福田廠放流水再生以供應鄰近工業區工業用水為主:(1).第一階段(至民國100年):以逆滲透(或砂濾及消毒處理)再生水25,000 立方公尺/日,供應:(a).台中工業區工業用水8,000立方公尺/日、(b).中部科學園區工業用水17,000 立方公尺/日。(2).第二階段(民國101年後):以逆滲透(或砂濾及消毒處理)再生水50,000 立方公尺/日,供應(a).台中工業區工業用水14,000立方公尺/日、(b). 中部科學園區工業用水36,000 立方公尺/日。

The municipal wastewater reclamation and reuse has already been an international trend. The government is now giving impetus to the sewer construction. At present, the Futian water resource recycling center of Taichung City (“the Futian plant” in brief) treats the wastewater approximately 53,000 ~ 55,000 CMD. After the completion of the entire four-stage construction, to the total treatment capacity will reach 350,000 CMD and becomes one of the largest municipal wastewater treatment plant in central Taichung.The effluent is also increasing significantly with the wastewater user in Taichung City. Since the wastewater treatment performs well during the six-year operation (after 2002), and the effluent stably conform the national Effluent Standard, it can become a feasible auxiliary water resource after properly reclamation. It not only gives significant economic value but also provides important backup for the water supply in central Taiwan.
After reclamation, the effluent of Futian plant is primarily planned to supply the industrial processing water in the neighborhood region:
(1) First stage (before 2011): 25,000 CMD effluent is reclaimed by reverse osmosis (pretreated by sand filtration and disinfection) to supply (a) 8,000 CMD for Taichung Industry Park (TIP) and (b) 17,000 CMD for Central Science and Technology Park (CSTP).
(2) Second stage (afer 2012): 50,000 CMD effluent is reclaimed by reverse osmosis (pretreated by sand filtration and disinfection) to supply (a) 14,000 CMD for TIP and (b) 36,000 CMD for CSTP.
The tariff of the reclaimed effluent should be lower than the other source to increase the willingness of the potential user. Thus the low-water-price policy should be adjusted. According to the experience of Singapore, the price of reclaimed water should at least lower than the water of industrial use. We suggest that the price of water of industrial use should be elevated to encourage the potential user.
Although the effluent of the municipal wastewater treatment is evaluated as high potential for reclamation, the relevant regulations and water quality have not been ready. On the other hands, the acceptance of the users is still low, and the large and long-term health risk assessment project should be conducted to assure the reliability of reliability effluent. There is still a long way to go to promote the use of the reclaimed effluent.
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