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標題: 以沸石轉輪吸附濃縮焚化系統處理薄膜電晶體液晶顯示器產業VOCs之研究
The Research of Rotor Concentrator Combined with Incineration System Removing VOCs of TFT-LCD Industry
作者: 沈威志
Shen, Wei Chih
關鍵字: Volatile Organic Compounds;揮發性有機溶劑;disk concentrator;TFT-LCD industry;濃縮轉輪;光電產業
出版社: 環境工程學系
光電產業在製程中使用大量的有機溶劑,因此產生許多VOCs (揮發性有機溶劑)廢氣。沸石吸附濃縮轉輪焚化系統處理 VOCs 廢氣,應用在半導體製造業已經有多年歷史,目前竹科園區製造商約有60% 使用沸石吸附濃縮轉輪焚化系統來控制其所排放VOCs廢氣,其處理效能均可達90% 以上,是目前被公認最適合光電相關製造業處理高排氣量、低VOCs濃度廢氣且符合半導體空污法規最穩定之設備。
沸石吸附濃縮轉輪焚化系統在實際操作運轉中,有許多的運轉參數會影響系統的處理效率,適當的運轉參數調整不但可提高處理效率,且可達到節能的目的。本論文探討沸石吸附濃縮轉輪焚化系統各參數對處理效率之影響,使系統穩定運轉於效率95%以上,優於法規 ( 90% ) 的操作條件,並以蓄熱式焚化爐焚化,降低燃燒副產物的生成,減少 VOCs的排放量,達到空污減廢的目的。

The disk concentrator VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) abatement system (honeycomb VOCs concentrator combine with gas oxidation) is successfully applied for VOCs exhaust treatment in TFT-LCD industry, and it has been proved to be a viable solution for VOCs emission to comply with the laws.
Many different system operation parameters (include rotation speed, concentration ratio, regeneration temperature) play important roles on treatment efficiency. In this paper, we discuss the relationship between different operation parameters and removal efficiency, and contribute our experience for system operation. The removal efficiency can keep above 95% during a long period running by system operation parameters optimal adjustment. We also use the regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO)
to reduce the ignition residual products.
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