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標題: 高壓下高甲氧基果膠凝膠作用中機能性代糖使用的研究
Studies on the effect of functional sugar replacers on the gelation of high methoxyl pectin induced by high pressure
作者: 裘仲元
Chiu, Chung-Yuan
關鍵字: high hydrostatic pressure;高靜水壓;high methoxyl pectin;gel;low-calorie food;functional sugar replacers;高甲氧基果膠;凝膠;低熱量食品;機能性代糖
出版社: 食品科學系
趣, 而在高甲氧基果膠凝膠產品中,需要高濃度的糖作為共溶質,因
此果膠凝膠屬 於一種具有高熱量的食品。為了要得到低熱量的高甲氧
基果膠高壓凝膠製品, 本研究採用了蔗糖、山梨醇和木糖醇作為共溶
質,於加壓的過程裡並不對壓力 室提供額外的熱能,而對不同的機能
性代糖濃度、操作壓力以及檸檬酸濃度等 操作因子所造成的影響加以
探討。測定之品質項目包括有凝膠強度、Hunter L、a、b值,水活
性與質地輪廓分析,此外更藉由反應曲面法來找出最佳的添 加組合

活性 也會隨之降低。在 Hunter L、a、b 值的比較方面,三種果膠凝
膠並沒有特別 的差異,此外並發現山梨醇在高酸度下凝膠效果會降低
。較大的壓力可產生較 強的凝膠結構,這種影響在蔗糖以及木糖醇凝
膠中表現較為明顯,結果中還指 出 4000 大氣壓是這兩種糖醇之果膠
凝膠最適合的加工壓力。最適宜的添加組 合為檸檬酸濃度 0.04M、木
糖醇濃度 34% 以及山梨醇濃度 30.2%。

In recent years, there has been interests within the food
industry to ues high hydrostatic pressure as a novel food
processing technique. Because large concentrations of sugar
are required as the cosolute for the gelation of high
methoxyl pectin, pectin gels have a high calorie value. In
order to obtain a low calorie gelled product of high
pressure-induced pectin gelation, sucrose, sorbitol and
xylitol were used as the cosolutes at operating pressures
without additional supply of heat to the pressure vessel in
this study. The effects of various operating parameters
including different functional sugar replacer
concentrations, operating pressures and citric acid
concentrations were studied. Items tested included gel
strength, L, a, b value, water activity, and TPA analysis.
Additionally, the optimum combined conditions were determined by
using response surface methodology (RSM).
By comparison of the effect among sucrose and functional sugar
replacers in the high pressure-induced gelation of pectin, It
was found that, after pressurization, the more ctiric acid
used, the more aggregation of the pectin molecules
occurred and products with less water activities were
formed. There were no significant difference in L, a,
b values among these three pectin gels. Besides, sorbitol
formed a weeker gel at high acid concentrations. Higher
pressures generated stronger gel networks, and the effect was
found to be more pronounced among sucrose and xylitol pectin
gels. Results indicated that the most suitable processing
pressure for these two sugar alcohol pectin gels was 4000
atm. The optimum combined conditions were found in
the processing conditions of citric acid of 0.04 M,
xylitol concentration of 34%, and sorbitol concentration of
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