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標題: 機能性代糖的使用對高甲氧基果膠加熱凝膠的探討
Effect of functional sugar replacer on the thermal gelation of high methoxyl pectin
作者: 謝順吉
Shieh, Shuenn-Jye
關鍵字: high methoxyl pectin;高甲氧基果膠;functional sugar replacer;texture profile analysis;response surface methodology;gel;low-sugar;機能性代糖;質地輪廓分析;反應曲面法;低糖;凝膠
出版社: 食品科學系

製造高甲氧基果膠凝膠製品時,需添加高量(大於55%)的 蔗糖作為共溶
質,若能以代糖作有效的取代,當可顯著降低其中 所含的熱量,更有益
於人體健康。蔗糖在高甲氧基果膠凝膠製品 中除了促進凝膠外,尚有提
供甜味、貯藏性及增量、降低水活性 等功能,因此本研究首先選用多種
能提供類似機能性的代糖來取 代蔗糖,以加熱凝膠的方式製備樣品,並
以凝膠強度、 Hunter L,a,b值及Instron質地輪廓分析(TPA)
等物理測度方法 來評估各代糖的取代效果。結果指出在所試驗之增量型
代糖中以 山梨醇和木糖醇較具有幫助高甲氧基果膠凝膠的特性,且能明
顯 降低膠體的水活性。此外,山梨醇和木糖醇所形成的膠體明亮且 無褐
變現象發生。繼之以物理性質及官能品評為反應性狀,利用 反應曲面法(
RSM)和三因子三層階的試驗設計來探討低糖高甲氧 基果膠凝膠的最適加
工條件。結果發現其最適加工條件為: 檸檬酸0.0025 M、山梨醇濃
度28.6 %及木糖醇濃度32.5 %。 此外本研究亦發現在低溫(4℃)下貯
值和彈性度值略有增 加,且能提高品評員對製品的喜好性。

Large amounts (at least 55%) of sugar (sucrose) are
required as the cosolute for gelation of high methoxyl
pectin (HMP). The effective replacement of sucrose by
other low-calorie replacers would be significantly favorable
to human health. However, besides gelation, sucrose also
provides sweetness, shelf life, and improves a number of
properties such as bulking and lowering water activity in
the gelled product. Therefore, several sugar replacers with
similar functional properties were selected to replace sucrose
in this study. The samples were formed by thermal gelation and
the substitute effects of individual sugar replacers were
evaluated by physical measurements including gel strength,
Hunter L, a, b values, and Instron texture profile analysis
(TPA). The results indicated that among the sugar bulking
agents tested, sorbitol and xylitol possessed more effects
on HMP gelation and significantly lowered the water
activity. In addition, there were higher lightness
and no browning reaction in the gels formed by
sorbitol and xylitol. Response surface methodology (RSM)
and a three-variable and three-level design were then used to
determine the optimum processing conditions of the HMP gelled
products based on the responses of physical measurements and
sensory evaluation. The optimum processing condition was found
to be citric acid 0.0025 M, sorbitol 28.6 %, and xylitol 32.5 %.
After storage at 4℃for three months, it was also found that
there was no significant change in water activity and appearance
except slight increases of hardness and springiness values, and
the products became more acceptable to the mass panel.
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