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dc.contributor.authorLi, Juh-Yiingen_US
dc.description.abstract菇類在受到傷害時, 會因酵素之作用而生成菇醇( 1-octen-3-ol ) 和 10-ODA ( 10-oxo-trans-8-decenoic acid )。 其中菇醇為菇類最 主要之香氣 特徵,而 10-ODA 可促進菌絲之生長及蕈柄之延長,為菇類 之生理活性物質,或 稱為生長激素。柱狀田頭菇( Agrocybe cylindracea ( DC:Fr. ) Mre. )為 一新興高級食用菇,具高營養價 值,且美味可口。本研究探討 10-ODA 對三種品 系之柱狀田頭菇於固體 及液體培養過程中,是否有生長促進之作用,並進一步探 討 10-ODA 對 食品發酵之重要麴菌 Aspergillus oryzae 及 Aspergillus niger ,在 製麴過程中對其酵素活性之影響。 結果發現在菌絲線性生長速度上, 10-ODA 對柱狀田頭菇及麴菌皆有促進 之 作用。 在柱狀田頭菇方面,10 ppm 之 10-ODA 添加量下,strain B 、strain M 、 strain W 之相對線性生長速率分別為 1.131 、 1.216 及 1.113。 在 Aspergillus oryzae 及 Aspergillus niger 方 面則分別為 1.177 及 1.172。 在柱狀田頭菇之液態培養上, strain B 在實驗所用之最高 10-ODA 濃度下 ,其菌絲體乾重可提高至控 制組之 112%; 而 strain M 及 strain W 則分別提 高至 116% 及 114%。在漆脢活性測定上,10-ODA 可將 strain B 之漆脢活性提 高至 260% ( 10 ppm );可將 strain M 及 strain W 提高至 180% ( 10ppm )及 300% ( 5 ppm )左右。 麴菌之酵素分析上, 固態培養時,10-ODA 之添加有促進麴菌酵素活性之 效 果。在蛋白脢活性分析上,在培養五天後,A. oryzae 及 A. niger 之活性可由 控制組之 118.61 及 92.07 ( U/g dry wt. )分別提高至 10 ppm 處理組之 146.09 及 112.22 ( U/g dry wt.)。 而纖維素分解脢則由 1.66 及 1.75 ( U/g dry wt. )提高至 1.9 及 2.11 ( U/g dry wt. )。在α -amylase 可由 2.04 及 2.85 ( U/ g dry wt. )提高至 2.65 及 3.92 ( U/g dry wt. );β -amylase 可由 5.21 及 6.34 ( U/g dry wt. )提高至 7.29 及 8.47 ( U/g dry wt. )。在液態培養時, 10-ODA 對麴菌酵素影響之差異性則大致與 固態培養相似, 而活性上則皆偏低。 由以上結果可知,若能將 10-ODA 應用在菇類深層培養及商業栽培,將可縮 短培養時間,提高產品 之競爭力。而在食品發酵工業上,能提高麴菌酵素活性, 縮短發酵時間 ,將是十分值得發展之方法。zh_TW
dc.description.abstract10-Oxo-trans-8-decenoic acid (10-ODA) is a product formed concurrently with 1-octen-3-ol, the major mushroom aroma component, from linoleic acid by the action of lipoxygenase and hydroperoxide lyase when the mushroom tissue is damaged or disrupted. 1-Octen-3-ol is the principle characteristic of mushroom flavor, while 10-ODA that is a biologically active substance or growth hormone of mushroom, promotes mycelial growth and stipe elongation. Agrocybe cylindracea is a newly cultivated edible mushroom. It has good taste and high nutritional value. Aspergillus spp. is an important species for fermentary industry. It is widely used in the soy sauce brewing. Many attempts have been reported to increase yields of enzymes or fermentation products of such filamentous fungi. Therefore, in this study, the effect of 10-ODA on the growth of Agrocybe cylindracea (strain B, strain M, strainW) in liquid culture and on PDY agar was studied. The important Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus niger in food fermentation was studied and the effect of activities of major enzyme was also evaluated. On the linear growth rate, 10-ODA had a significant effect on the mycelial growth of Agrocybe cylindracea and Aspergillus spp. The relative linear growth rate of strain B, strain M and strainW were 1.131, 1.216 and 1.113 at the concentration of 10 ppm 10-ODA, respectively. For Aspergillus spp., the relative linear growth rate of A. oryzae and A. niger were 1.177 and 1.172, respectively. In liquid culture of Agrocybe cylindracea, for 10 days, the dry matter of mycelium of strains B, M and W at 10 ppm 10-ODA were about 112%, 116% and 114% of mycelium growth compared to the control, respectively. The laccase activity of mycelium of strains B, M and W were increased to 260% (10 ppm), 180% (10 ppm), and 300% (5 ppm) of mycelium growth compared to the control. The enzyme activities of Aspergillus spp. in PDY agar were stimulated by 10-ODA at high concentrations. The effect of 10-ODA on the activity of protease of A. oryzae and A. niger were increased from 118.61 and 92.07 U/g dry wt. compared to control to 146.09 and 112.22 U/g at 10 ppm 10-ODA, respectively. For 5 days, the cellulase activities of A. oryzae and A. niger were increased from 1.66 and 1.75 U/g dry wt. to 1.9 and 2.11 U/g. Those of α -amylase were increased from 2.04 and 2.85 U/g dry wt. to 2.65 and 3.92 U/g. β -Amylase were increased from 5.21 and 6.34 U/g dry wt. to 7.29 and 8.47 U/g. The effect of 10-ODA was similar in liquid culture as in solid culture. But the enzyme activities were lower in solid culture. From the result above, we can reduce the culturing time and increase production by applying 10-ODA for submerged culture of mushroom mycelium and bottle cultivation. On the other hand, if 10-ODA was applied to culture of Aspergillus spp., it could not only promote the growth of the mycelium but also increase the activities of the major enzymes. If we apply 10-ODA on the fermentary industry, we can have high enzyme activity of Aspergillus spp. and shorten the fermentary time. It is more economical and benef icial for development on the food fermentary industry.en_US
dc.subjectAgrocybe aegeritaen_US
dc.subjectsolid cultureen_US
dc.subjectliquid cultureen_US
dc.subjectAspergillus oryzaeen_US
dc.subjectAspergillus nigeren_US
dc.titleEffect of Mushroom Biologically Active Substance 10-Oxo-trans-8- decenoic Acid on the Growth of Agrocybe aegerita and Aspergillus spp.en_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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