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標題: 風場軌跡模式參數決定對空品模式模擬最佳化之研究
Trajectory parameter identification for optimizing air quality simulation
作者: 許家綸
Hsu, Chia-Lun
關鍵字: GTx;高斯煙流軌跡模式;Traj;BGA;weighting coefficient;風場軌跡模式;遺傳演算法;權重參數
出版社: 環境工程學系所
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雖然探空資料的加入可以有效改善模擬結果,但其取得不易,且非連續性的資料。故GTx之模擬仍主要是以地面測站所量測得之風場資料來進行計算。並考慮到測站分佈不均,地面測站和模擬軌跡的高度差,地形的影響,軌跡型式與高度等因素,本研究利用二進位遺傳演算法解模式之角度權重Ca、高度權重Ch、探空資料延時值Ct、臨界福祿數Frc……等參數,並搭配不同之軌跡型式與高度,以得到最能改善軌跡模擬的最佳組合。當Ca =0.93、Ch =26.32、Ct =15000、Frc =2、軌跡移動型式會受到垂直風速風向影響、軌跡高度295M時,可以得到較好的模擬結果。

In recent years, the event days of high concentration in ozone and suspend particle have gradually increased in central Taiwan area, this may due to a great amount of discharge from man-made pollution sources, or the influence of various meteorological factors. It generally used air quality models, meteorology models and Gaussian Trajectory transfer-coefficient model (GTx) cooperating with the meteorological data to simulate the meteorological phenomena and the trajectory of pollutant to investigate the origins of pollutants, the variations of pollutants, and the effect to the neighbor area of the accumulated concentration.
Some researchers reported that using sonde data in modifying wind's profile has greatly improved the results of trajectory simulations. Also, using the outputs of Nonhydrostatic Forecast System (NFS) by CWB as the inputs for Trajectory model is a good way to make simulation results more reasonable. However, the sonde data are not continuous and are difficult to obtain. Therefore, GTx model use the data measured from surface stations as it's major parameter for simulation. In addition, it also considers the suneven features on station's spatial distribution, the height variation between trajectory and station, the effects of terrain, and the type of trajectory routes in simulating. This study attempts to use Binary coding Genetic Algorithms (BGA) to obtain optimum coefficients of angle weighting (Ca), height weighting (Ch), time lag weighting (Ct), critical Froude number (Frc), type of trajectory route, and trajectory height. These results suggest that a better simulation performance could be achieved while Ca equals 0.933, Ch equals 26.32, Ct equals 15000, Frc equals 2, type of trajectory route equals z2 (the trajectory which was influenced by vertical wind), and trajectory height is 295M.
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