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標題: 整合網版印刷與氧化銥電極陣列於微流體晶片以檢測等電點電泳
Integration of Screen Printed Iridium Oxide Electrode Array on Microfluidic Chip for Monitoring Isoelectric Focusing Electrophoresis
作者: 楊景翔
Yang, Jing-Xiang
關鍵字: microfluidici;微流體晶片;mmobiline;acrylamide;固定梯度電泳;網版印刷
出版社: 食品暨應用生物科技學系
於毛細管微管道中構築的梯度,頗難加以確認。目前常用的方法為利用市售標準樣品進行內插比較。但此法在不連續非線性梯度膠體中容易產生誤差。本研究利用測量微管道中的 pH 值可以代表位於該處樣品等電點的原理,設計了一組陣列式的電極,並配合對氫離子具有強專一性的氧化銥(oxidize iridium)薄膜以檢測pH 值,以取代傳統凝膠電泳所必須的內插標準品。
研究成果除了設計製作新的 pH 值檢測電極外,並且調整了晶片的微影製程(photolithography)技術。同時研究中使用的陣列電極,不同於常用的沉積方式,首次配合玻璃基板與PDMS(polydimethylsiloxane)結合網版印刷的技術製造微流體晶片;以此一技術,將能夠使此未來產品具有更好的競爭潛力。

Remarkable advances on capillary iso-electric focusing (cIEF) on microchip attract popularly interests from proteome researchers. In this research, an electrode array is adopted on a microchip for monitoring in-situ pH and then determines the pI of sample. This method improves the inconveniences of addition internal standard marker in conventional electrophoresis experiments.
There are difficulties to examine the forming gradient in a close microchannel. The current solution is using additional standard marker for comparison. However, there still difficulties for discontinuous and non-linear gradient. Basic on the principle that the pI is the specific pH where the net charge of the sample is zero, we integrated an electrode array on a cIEF chip incorporated with hydrogen ion specific iridium oxide layer for pH determination. This novel design is expected to replace the conventional internal standard marker for electrophoresis.
Previously published chip fabrication processes have also been reviewed in this study. It is the first time to use print screen method fabricating electrodes for pH determination. Integration of printed screen electrodes on glass and PDMS (polydimethylsilioxane) substrate shows the great application potential in the future.
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