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標題: 通訊與社會-日治時期警用電話系統的建立(1895-1945)
Between Communication System and Society-The Establishment of Police Telephony System in Taiwan under the Imperial Japanese Occupation.
作者: 吳政憲
關鍵字: 基礎研究;Police Telephony System;歷史;警用電話系統;日治時期;the era of Imperial Japanese occupation
日治初期為弭平抗日事件蜂起而籌建的「警用電話系統」是臺灣總督府提高警政效率的重要「IT」(Information Technology)科技,其引進臺灣的時間較民用電話系統要早,在世界電話系統全球化的擴散過程中,臺灣引進的電話系統具有較強的「行政性格」,迴異於歐美地區的商業與社會性格,形成近代臺灣科技史上極具特色的一個發展階段。「警用電話系統」是民用電話系統建置前的過渡,甚至研究中發現警用電話亦滿足民間社會資訊傳遞的需求,兼具社會性的面向。其次,警用電話與稍早引進的電報系統彼此長短互補,成為臺灣總督府兩大資訊科技。在警用電話系統建置的過程中,有一群以往研究較被忽視的技術官僚及第一線施作人員將「警用電話系統」從無到有的建置及不斷調整至「系統標準化」的過程。本研究擬從「器物」與「人力」兩方面考察「警用電話系統」的建立,及該系統為臺灣社會的影響,期能增補近代臺灣資訊史上這段重要萌芽階段的空白。

The Police Telephony System was a very important information technology,adopted by the Office of the Governor-General of Taiwan, to enhance theefficiency of police administration as a reaction to the continuous and tumblinganti-Japanese acts, during the early era of Imperial Japanese occupation. Inthe process of the global spreading of telephony, the introduction of thetelephony system for police use in Taiwan came earlier than for civil use;because, the adoption of the telephony system in Taiwan was out of thegovernmental administration purpose more than of social-economical function,which was more common in Europe and North America. This phenomenon forms a verydistinctive characteristic of the modern history of technology development inTaiwan.In Taiwan, the Police Telephony System was a transitional form of the civiltelephony system. In this research, evidences indicate that the policetelephony also sufficed for the civil use, information exchange, and thus hadits social-economical function. Evidences also find that the Police TelephonySystem compensated for the telegraphy system, introduced earlier, with eachother, in communication usage, and together with each other, telephony andtelegraphy had become the very important two information technologies adoptedby the Office of the Governor-General of Taiwan during that time. This researchhas also found the process of a group of technocracies and the frontline workers,who were often neglected in other researches, dedicated themselves to buildingup the Police Telephony System and continuous fine-tuning it to a SystematicStandardization.This research tries to inspect, from the aspects of “equipment”and “humanlabor”, the establishment of the Police Telephony System and the impact andinfluence it had brought to Taiwan and intends to fill up the blank of the oftenneglected history of this important dawn of information technology developmentof modern Taiwan.
其他識別: NSC98-2410-H005-037
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