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標題: 帝國之弦:日治時期臺灣電報與社會(1895-1945)
The String of the Imperial Japan: the Telegraph and the Society of Taiwan, under the Rule of Imperial Japan, between 1895 and 1945.
作者: 吳政憲
關鍵字: 基礎研究;歷史;電報;日治時期

Telegraph served as the “backbone of information flow” during the ImperialJapanese era of Taiwan. Western researches centered on “telegraph" had exploredthis subject from different aspects of issues on gender, labor condition,politics and society and had gained abundant achievements; however, most of themwere limited to the frame of sociology, emphasized on the interpretation ofphenomena rather than the historical materials; thus, the western researches,though inspiring enough, did not pay enough attention to the history andexperiences of telegraph applications in East Asia.Telegraph texts had the features of highly social diffusion and were“parallel to official documents;” therefore, with the combination ofapplications of Postal Service and Meridian Railway, telegraph could not besubstituted by telephones in its function. Historical materials of telegraphs,during the Imperial Japanese era of Taiwan, are rich and plentiful enough togive birth to a volume for the research of this subject.Thus, with the view points of the combination of technology and society,through the studies of administrative organizations, human resources,regulation systems, technical specifications, social culture and field work onthe subject, this research intends to construct the history of the developmentof telegraph application in Taiwan during the Imperial Japanese era. Moreover,with specifying the detail processes of the “localization application oftelegraph,” through empirical methods, this research also seeks for thepossibilities to have conversations and interact with the western counterpartsof researches and therefore to clarify the issues of communication technologyand social study, revise the hypotheses, provide explanations, and graduallyto construct the foundation work for the research of the “History of theTelecommunications in Taiwan.”
其他識別: NSC100-2410-H005-027
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