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標題: 操作條件對井間介入性示蹤劑試驗影響之研究
A study of the influence of operation condition to partitioning interwell tracer test
作者: 吳國宇
Wu, Kuo-Yu
關鍵字: 非水相液體;NAPL;示蹤劑;井間介入性示蹤劑試驗(PITT);tracer;PITT
出版社: 環境工程學系
近年來台灣發生了各式各樣之環境污染問題,其中經由輸送管線洩漏所造成的油品污染問題更是層出不窮,此類油品多屬於LNAPLs(Light Nonaqueous Phase Liquids),具有比重比水小、低溶解度以及高表面張力等特性,造成整治復育的效果不佳。而在整治復育之首要工作即是準確的偵測出污染物之所在位置,目前針對於NAPLs範圍特性的各偵測方法中,以井間介入性示蹤劑試驗( Partitioning Interwell Tracer Test,簡稱:PITT)受到的限制較少,準確度較高,於是本研究採用此方法作為研究方法。

Recently, many pollution problems caused by leakage, spills and disposal of oils from underground storage tanks and pipelines have been found in Taiwan. Such light nonaqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) have properties of high surface tension and low dissolubility. Investigating the existence and estimating the residual saturation of LNAPLs are the first steps for remediation of the suspected contaminated sites. Partitioning interwell tracer test (PITT) is one of the most competitive technologies for the evaluation work mentioned above.
This study employed PITT to detect and estimate the residual saturations of diesel in the sand-packed columns. One non-partitioning tracer and four partitioning tracers were used in a series of column tests to analyze the influence of tracer flow rates and porous media porosities to the results of PITT. The results of the column tests show that the estimations of diesel residual saturations in low flow rates by PITT are more accurate than those in high flow rates, especially for tracers with larger partitioning coefficients. However, the influence of porosity is not significant.
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