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標題: 添加蔗渣堆肥於掩埋場覆土中對甲烷氧化行為之影響
Enhancement on methane oxidation in cover soil of landfill by compost alone or addition
作者: 陳柏亨
Chen, Bo Hung
關鍵字: 土管柱;廢棄物;有機性;有機質;肥料
出版社: 環境工程學系
本實驗主要為添加堆肥於覆土中探討對甲烷氧化之影響。於批次實驗中,將蔗渣堆肥添加到掩埋場覆土中,可以發現其甲烷氧化速率明顯提升,從純覆土的90 nmol/hr-g dry soil,上升到10%混合土的1019、20%混合土的1142及30%混合土的1113 nmol/hr-g dry soil。三個混合土的甲烷氧化速率差異並不大,但是其持續的時間卻不同,隨著添加量的增加,甲烷氧化菌之活性下降的時間也就越遲。10%混合土樣在10天左右便開始下降,30%的混合土樣到了30天以後還不見下降之趨勢。

Most municipal and agricultural wastes can be composted to recover the nutrients in organic matter. Compost of bagasse is simple in the ingredients, and has constant properties. We select the compost of bagasse as the major additive in the study. The compost was added by 10%, 20%, or 30% into the cover soil of a landfill. The activity of methane oxidation of the cover soil increased from 90 nmol/hr-g dry soil up to 1018, 1142, and 1112 nmol/hr-g dry soil respectively. Although the maximum oxidation rate differs not much, but more percentage of compost lasted for a longer period of time. The sample of 10% compost maintained only 10 days, while the sample of 30% lasted over one month or even longer.
In the column tests, the most active zone of methane oxidation located at a depth of 10~20 cm. The soil without compost dried out more easily under the emission of methane. Thus, the active depth is deeper for the soil without compost. Either soil mixed with compost or compost only could keep moisture content in the column. That is the reason for the active zone being closer to the top surface.
From this study, we realized that the compost can increase the oxidation rate of methane in the cover soil of landfill. A percentage of 30% compost will facilitate the methanetroph's growth and maintain a higher rate of oxidation over a longer time period. We highly recommend the addition of compost into the surface soil of landfill due to the engineering benefits.
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