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標題: 在Linux作業系統設計與實作一個以Socket傳遞為基礎的普及計算環境
Design and Implementation of Seamless Socket Passing Scheme for Pervasive Computing in Linux Operating Systems
作者: 張軒彬 
關鍵字: 資訊科學--軟體;socket passing;socket 轉移;socket mobility;proxies;pervasive computing;Linux;socket 移動;代理伺服器;普及計算;Linux;應用研究
With the extremely progress of technologies, we can always find the computers in oursurrounding life. Thus, we may use different computers to continues our work any where atany time to realize the pervasive computing. For example, upon going to work, we wouldtransfer the skype phone call or the video conference from the computer at home to the PDAat hand. When arriving at office, we can then transfer the call or the conference to thecomputer on the desk in office. From above example, we need a mechanism to transfer asocket connection between computers, that is, to realize the ability of socket mobility.There have been many researches addressing the horizontal and vertical handoffproblems caused by host mobility. However, few are focused on the problem of socketmobility. Consequently, in this project, we propose the concept of socket passing that allows asocket connection to be transferred between different computers. At first, we need to designthe socket passing protocol. Then, we have to investigate how to pass the complete socketstate between computers. In addition, we would combine the socket passing into the previousprocess migration system to provide socket migration ability. Note that, our socket passingwill support both TCP and UDP protocols. Finally, since we adopt the proxy-basedarchitecture, all packets are forwarded by the proxy. Thus, we will integrate the send bufferand receive buffer of TCP in the proxy to increase the forwarding speed while saving memoryusage. By our project, we would realize the socket mobility and accelerate the coming ofpervasive computing era that all information can be fetched any time at any where.

隨著科技的進步,我們的生活周遭隨時隨地可以看到電腦的蹤跡。因此,我們可能在不同的地點使用不同的電腦持續我們的工作,以實現普及計算。例如:上班時間到時,我們需要將目前進行中的視訊會議從家裡的電腦轉移到手中的PDA,當到達辦公室後,再轉移到辦公室的電腦繼續未完成的交談。為了實現上述的例子,我們必須能夠動態將socket 連線從某一台電腦轉移到另外一台電腦,也就是必須讓現今的socket 結構具備socket mobility 的能力。雖然之前有許多研究探討host mobility 下引起的水平換手或是垂直換手的問題,不過,卻很少有研究著重於socket mobility 的議題。有鑑於此,在這個計畫中,我們提出socket passing 的觀念,允許socket 連線在不同的電腦之間轉移,實現socket mobility。首先,我們將設計socket passing 的協定、研究如何將socket 狀態在不同的電腦的轉移,另外,我們也會結合process migration 進一步提供socket migration 的能力。而我們的socket passing 不僅將支援TCP,也會同時支援UDP;最後,因為我們採用proxy-based的架構,封包都需要經過proxy 轉送,因此,我們提出利用共享記憶體的觀念,將TCP的接收佇列與傳送佇列合而為一,節省記憶體並提升proxy 的轉送效率。我們擬修改Linux 作業系統核心來實現socket passing 的目標。經由本研究計畫,我們將可實現socketmobility 的能力,並間接促進pervasive computing,達到資訊隨時隨地可以取用的目標。
其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-051
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