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標題: 利用虛擬儲列達成主動式儲列管理之伺服器際公平服務
Achieving Inter-Server Fairness by Using Virtual Queues in AQM
作者: 林偉 
關鍵字: 資訊工程--硬體工程;基礎研究;active queue management;主動儲列管理;伺服器際公平性;虛擬儲列;封包排程;網路擁塞;inter-server fairness;virtual queues;packet scheduling;network congestion
A greedy or unresponsive server with multiple flows may contribute to unfair bandwidth sharing among servers, especially when the network becomes congested. We intend to examine the inter-server fairness problem in traditional AQM designs. We propose to design and develop new AQM algorithms for providing inter-server fairness services. The main idea behind our proposed research is to schedule packets from different servers into dedicated virtual queues. The dropping probabilities of the queues are determined independently by the occupancy of the individual queues. Our first step is to identify major traffic parameters of the inter-server fairness, and investigate their impact on the fairness of a congested network. Then we will take one further step to look into the inter-server fairness problem with an excessive number of flows. As the number of flows increases, the time and storage complexities of queue management grow exponentially. Under this circumstance, reducing the management complexities becomes a crucial design consideration in making a queue management algorithm practical.We aim to design efficient queue management algorithms specifically to keep the inter-server fairness in the case of excessive flows entering the network. To fully understand the effect of the traffic parameters, we plan to analytically develop closed-form equations for representing the inter-server fairness as a function of queue complexity. These closed-form equations are to serve as a guideline for the trade-off between desired inter-server fairness and queue complexity. With these equations, we will be able to predict accurately the inter-server fairness of the network for a given buffer configuration. Finally, using the ns-2 simulator, we will develop a set of simulations to verify the effectiveness of the queue management algorithms operating in various traffic conditions.

其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-054
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