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標題: 不同保護劑之添加對冷凍乾燥Lactobacillus rhamnosus菌株貯存安定性之影響
Effects of the Addition of Various Protectants on the Stability of Freeze-dried Lactobacillus rhamnosus Strain during Storage
作者: 林毓芬
Lin, Yu-Fen
關鍵字: Lactobacillus rhamnosus;鼠李糖乳酸桿菌;freeze-drying;accelerated storage test;Arrhenius equation;sorbitol;trehalose;inositol;fructose;protectant;冷凍乾燥;加速貯存試驗;阿瑞尼士方程式;山梨醇;海藻糖;肌醇;果糖;保護劑
出版社: 食品暨應用生物科技學系
Accelerated storaged testing is a rapid method used for the prediction of storage stability and quality, and for the estimation of shelf-life. It also could be used to predict a model for the stability of bacteria and the temperatures-dependence.
In this research, NFDMS(non-fat dry milk solids, NFDMS)+sorbitol, NFDMS+inositol, NFDMS+fructose, NFDMS+trehalose, and NFDMS were used as protectants for Lactobacillus rhamnosus in freeze-drying and the ability of these materials to stabilize the bacteria in the accelerated storaged testing was studied. Results showed that NFDMS+sorbitol and NFDMS+inositol were the most effective protectants for Lactobacillus rhamnosus in freeze-drying, and the residual survival rates were 62.51 %and 60.27% respecitively. The worst one was NFDMS, and the residual survival rate was 3.94%.
By means of the Arrhenius relationship, the stability of L. rhamnosus with different protectants during storage could be predicted. From the k vaules obtained, NFDMS+sorbitol were found to be the most effective material because of the lowest k vaules (day-1), 0.000116 (5℃) and 0.015 (25℃). The effect of different protentants were NFDMS+sorbitol>NFDMS+inositol>NFDMS+fructose>NFDMS+trehalose>NFDMS. Results coincided with the actual storage test.

加速貯藏試驗是藉由預測樣品貯存穩定性來快速評估產品保存期限(shelf-life)的重要方法,它亦可用來做為溫度與微生物存活率間變化的預估模式。本研究透過加速貯藏試驗來預估保護劑脫脂奶粉、脫脂奶粉合併肌醇、果糖、海藻糖及山梨醇的使用對菌株Lactobacillus rhamnosus冷凍乾燥的保護效益,結果顯示以脫脂奶粉合併山梨醇及果糖的使用對菌株冷凍乾燥的保護效果最佳,其存活率分別為62.51%及60.27%,而單一使用脫脂奶粉時保護效果最差,菌株存活率只有3.94%。透過阿瑞尼士方程式來探討不同保護劑對L. rhamnosus冷凍乾燥菌體於貯藏期間安定性的影響,實驗結果發現脫脂奶粉合併山梨醇組所得之5及25℃預估k值(day-1)為0.000116及0.015為最小,表示其保護效果最好,而不同保護劑對L. rhamnosus貯藏安定性的保護效果由高到低為:脫脂奶粉+山梨醇>脫脂奶粉+肌醇>脫脂奶粉+果糖>脫脂奶粉+海藻糖>脫脂奶粉,其加速貯藏試驗結果與實際貯藏試驗結果相同。
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