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標題: 添加枸杞對有機醬油釀造其品質與風味影響
Quality and sensory evaluation of soy sauce made from mixing organic say bean with Lycium barbarum LINNAEUS
作者: 高志孟
Kao, Chih-Meng
關鍵字: Organic soy sauce;有機醬油;Organic soy bean;Lycium barbarum LINNAEUS;枸杞;有機黃豆
出版社: 食品暨應用生物科技學系
醬油一直是東方人的調味必備品,隨著生活水平提昇及回歸自然法則,採用非基改有機認證黃豆及小麥所釀造的醬油,有逐年成長的趨勢。除此,在改善醬油的高鈉、鹹感及具機能性,也是醬油釀造業者一直想開發的技術。因此本實驗將探討添加不同比例的枸杞子(0%、12%、18% 及23%),與有機黃豆、小麥一起接菌種培養發酵。並於發酵過程於30、90及150天取樣分析,探討枸杞子的添加對釀造醬油品質之影響。

Soy sauce has been always the essential seasoning for Eastern since thousands of years ago. By the trend of living standard upgrading and the concept of return to natural becoming popular, people change their material to produce soy sauce, from GMO soybean powder, Non-GMO whole soybean, into organic certificated soybean & wheat. Such trend grows soon in recent years little by little. Besides, improvements for high sodium, salty, function of soy sauce, which is always the target to reach for soy sauce maker. Hence, this experiment puts Lycium barbarum LINNAEUS, divided by adding different ratio, 12%, 18%, and 23%, organic soybean, and organic wheat with bacterium together to cultivate and ferment. We analysis it by sampling during the fermentation period of 30, 90, and 150 days to research the influences of adding Lycium barbarum Linnaeus.
Result: we inspect the content of total nitrogen and formol nitrogen: Since we add Lycium barbarum LINNAEU of 12%, 18%, and 23% ratio in quantity, and deduct the quantity from soybean accordingly. It is caused quantity decreasing progressively of soybean to the other contrast team. Inspection of organic acid : For adding 12% and 18% of Lycium barbarum LINNAEUS, the content of organic acid will increase by the extension of fermentation time; For the one which adding 23%, the content doesn't make big difference. The highest content is from 90 days of fermentation for the contrast team. Inspection of nucleic acid: The content of four samples will increase by the extension of fermentation and there is no big difference till and after 150 days. Inspection of total sugar: The content of the four samples is at the highest till 30 days, then it will low down by the increasing of days. Inspection of free fatty acid and reducing sugar: The content reaches the most till 90 days for the four teams and then it will decrease progressively. Sensory evaluation inspection: The best one is the team adding 18% Lycium barbarum Linnaeus. The color, aroma, flavor, taste, and whole image are most close to the contrast team. The conclusion for this experiment presents that the best quality is the one adding 18% Lycium barbarum Linnaeus.
Keywords: Organic soy sauce, Organic soy bean,
Lycium barbarum LINNAEUS
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