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標題: 乳酸菌生成葉酸能力之探討
Study of Folate Synthesizing Ability of Lactic Acid Bacteria
作者: 楊崇民
Yang, Chung-Ming
關鍵字: Bifidobacterium longum;雙歧桿菌;Lactobacillus acidophilus;Lactobacillus bulgaricus;Streptococcus thermophilus;Folate;HPLC;嗜酸乳桿菌;保加利亞乳桿菌;嗜熱鏈球菌;葉酸;高效能液相層析法
出版社: 食品科學系
本實驗以HPLC法探討八株乳酸菌包括Bifidobacterium longum B6和 15708;Lactobacillus acidophilus N-1和4356;Lactobacillus bulgaricus 448和 449;Streptococcus thermophilus MC和 573合成葉酸之能力並以MTT assay來測定葉酸對細胞株 Intestine 407 (CCRC 60022) 提高細胞存活和抗氧化傷害之影響。B. longum B6顯示有最高的葉酸生成能力,而B. longum 15708也有不錯的葉酸生成能力,在37℃經發酵6小時後葉酸分別增加了3.5倍和2.4倍。而添加乳糖則可增加葉酸合成及菌數;添加氯化鈣則些微增加菌數,但減少葉酸的生成。在4℃儲存期間之變化,顯示儲存時間越久,菌數及葉酸的損失就越多。在葉酸對細胞株存活率的影響試驗中,發現隨著葉酸濃度的提高,Intestine 407細胞的存活率就越高;而添加葉酸濃度的提高對Intestine 407細胞受到以H2O2為氧化劑時的氧化傷害也有降低的效果,顯示葉酸對Intestine 407細胞的生長和抗氧化傷害扮演很重要的角色。

Eight strains of lactic acid bacteria including Bifidobacterium longum B6 and 15708, Lactobacillus acidophilus N-1 and 4356, Lactobacillus bulgaricus 448 and 449, and Streptococcus thermophilus MC and 573 were investigated for folate synthetic ability by high-performance liquid chromatographic method. The effect of folate on cell viability and anti-oxidative damage of Intestine 407 (CCRC 60022) was evaluated by MTT assay. B. longum B6 demonstrated the highest folate synthetic ability, and B. longum 15708 also produced folate well. These two strains increased 3.5 and 2.4 folds of folate, respectively, after 6h fermentation at 37℃. The addition of lactose increased the level of folate and viable cell counts. Calcium chloride increased the numbers of viable cell counts but decreased the level of folate. Folate levels and viable cell counts decreased significantly when stored at 4℃. In MTT assay, cell viability of Intestine 407 increased when the concentration of folic acid increased. And oxidative damage of H2O2 to Intestine 407 was reduced when the concentration of folic acid increased. This study showed that folic acid plays a significant role in cell viability and anti-oxidative damage of Intestine 407.
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