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標題: 磷酸鹽對土壤中重金屬移動之影響
Influence of Phosphate on the Removal of Heavy Metal in Soils
作者: 黃文成
Huang, Wen-Cheng
關鍵字: phosphate;磷酸鹽;heavy metal(Cd);adsorption;重金屬(鎘);吸附
出版社: 環境工程學系
本研究以高嶺土作為主要之土壤材料, 來探討磷酸鹽對土壤中重金屬移動
的影響, 及其 應用於重金屬污染之土壤復育的可能性(改良/增加土攘對
重金屬之吸附能力)。重金屬 選定以鎘為研究對象, 於批次吸附實驗中
改變磷與鎘的添加順序、pH、濃度三項變因。 研究結果顯示, pH的增
加(4到6)有助於鎘的吸附, 且在所研究之土壤中, 不同比例的磷 添加及
前處理對鎘吸附量大小依序為: Na-Kao.(Cd:P=1:1, 同時添加)≒Na-
Kao.(Cd:P= X:1, 同時添加)≒Na-Kao.>P-Kao.(pHi=4)≒P-Kao.(
pHi=6), 而鎘的吸附亦可減少磷的 脫附。在磷的研究結果方面, 隨pH降
低(6到4)磷的吸附會增加, 且對磷的吸附量依序為 Na-Kao.(Cd:P=1:1,
同時添加)≒Na-Kao.(Cd:P=1:X, 同時添加)≒Cd-Kao.(pHi=4)>Na-
Kao., 吸附上去的磷亦可減少鎘的脫附。 磷的添加確實可減少受鎘污染
的高嶺土中鎘的脫附, 雖然其影響沒有pH來的大。但磷酸 鹽的添加除了
減少重金屬的脫附外, 亦可做為植物及微生物的營養源, 可說具備多項功

Focuses of the study were on influence of phosphate on the
removal of heavy metal in soils and the remediation of soil (to
improve/increase the adsorption of heavy metals by soils).
Kaolinite and cadmium were the main material used in this
research. Three factors:(1)adding sequence of phosphate and
cadmium, (2)pH, (3)concentration of phosphate and cadmium, were
investigated. The results of this research are summarized
below: (1)The adsorption of cadmium by soils increased when the
increase of the pH (4 tO 6). But converse for phosphate.
(2)For the pretreated of Kaolinite in NaClO4, the metal(cadmium)
sorption followed the sequence: Na-Kao.(Cd:P=1:1, add
together)≒Na-Kao.(Cd:P=X:1, add together)≒Na-Kao.>P-Kao.(
pHi=4)≒P-Kao.(pHi=6). And the adsorption of cadmium
minimized the desorption of phosphate. (3)The phosphate
sorption followed the sequence:Na-Kao.(Cd:P=1:1, add
together)≒Na-Kao.(Cd:P=1:X, add together)>Cd-Kao.(pHi=4)>Na-
Kao. Although the influence of phosphate is less than pH on
th adsorption of cadmium, but the addition of phosphate can
really decrease the desorption of cadmium from soils.
Besides, added phosphate in soils can be also the nutrition
origin of plants and microbes. Therefor, the addition of
phosphate into cadmium-contaminated soil is recommended as a
favorable approach.
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