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標題: 錳離子在錳砂表面之吸附反應探討
作者: 李幸育
Li, Hsing-Yu
關鍵字: 錳砂;manganese coated sand;吸附;X光繞射儀;能量散佈光譜分析儀;adsorption;X-Ray Diffractionmeter (XRD);Energy Dispersive Analysis of X-ray (EDS)
出版社: 環境工程學系
等溫吸附實驗結果說明水中錳離子去除率人造錳砂與實場錳砂皆優於石英砂,二者去除率達97%以上。吸附邊緣曲線顯示採用人造錳砂或實場錳砂為濾料,酸鹼度控制在4或5以上,吸附率可達百分之百。批次實驗結果由Langmuir等溫線模擬推算人造錳砂與實場錳砂對錳離子之最大吸附量,分別為與2.17 mg-Mn / g-sand與4.29 mg-Mn / -sand。競爭吸附實驗結果顯示,隨著鈣離子濃度增加,錳砂仍可有效去除水中錳離子;吸附過程中可將水中錳離子快速氧化成高價錳化合物

This investigation concerned the surface characteristics and adsorption capacity of manganese coating sand. A Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and X-Ray Diffractionmeter (XRD) were used to observe the surface properties of the coated layer. Energy Dispersive Analysis of X-ray (EDS) was used for characterizing the interactions between compounds of manganese with the surface of sand as well as the stabilization of metal components on sand in aquatic envasironment.
Four parameters were investigated in batch adsoption experiments: initial concentration of Mn2+, pH, strength of background ions, and hardness, in order to compare the effects of each aquatic condition.
The results of surface analysis indicated that both of the artificial coated sand (AMS) and sampled from water treatment plant (PMS) conducted three primary forms of minerals: Mn2O3, MnO2 and Mn(OH)4. Due to the increase of specific area by the formation for the cluster of manganese minerals, the mechanical interfacial layer which coated manganese associated with quartz sand was determined by EDS.
Isotherm adsorption experiments have been carried out and the results showed that more than 97% removal ratios of manganese ion for both AMS and PMS which outperformed quartz sand. Adsorption edges interpreted that complete adsorption of manganese could be happened within the operation range above pH=5 for both AMS and PMS.
The data of batch adsorption process of 3 hours for AMS and PMS fited the simulation of Langmuir adsorption isotherm, the estimated values of the maximum adsorption capacity were 2.17 mg-Mn/g-sand and 4.29 mg-Mn/g-sand individually.
The influence of calcium ion which was conducted by metals competition experiments was not significant for manganese removal in this study. However, the rapid transformation of high valent species from manganese ion by oxidation provided the evidence through adsorption procedure.
Keywords:: manganese coated sand, adsorption, X-Ray Diffractionmeter (XRD), Energy Dispersive Analysis of X-ray (EDS)
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