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標題: 含豬乳鐵蛋白基因轉殖水稻之育成研究
Breeding for Transgenic Rice Containing Porcine Lactoferrin
作者: 陳良築
關鍵字: 生物技術, 農藝;應用研究
水稻是本省重要的農作物之一, 其栽培面積十分廣大.但因栽培成本不斷提高, 使得種植水稻之經濟效益相對降低.加上目前政府正積極運作加入世界貿易組織, 唯市場開放後, 水稻的經濟價值即將面臨重大的入關壓力.因此, 除了研究降低生產成本之外, 提高水稻生產之附加價值, 利用水稻當作生物反應器來生產高經濟價值蛋白質或人類用藥, 成為另一條提升水稻價值之有效途徑.本計畫擬利用基因工程技術將豬乳鐵蛋白基因轉殖入水稻中, 生產高經濟價值之豬乳鐵蛋白進而提高水稻之附加價值.執行本計畫後, 預期育成含有豬乳鐵蛋白之轉基因水稻, 以開創稻米產業之新方向.本計畫若能成功, 其預期之經濟效益將相當大, 不僅可降低加入WTO後稻米市場開放之衝擊, 確保台灣水稻之永續經營, 並可使水資源有效再利用, 影響國計民生甚鉅.

Rice ( Oryza sativa L. )is one of the most important and most widely cultivated crops in Taiwan.However, because the cost of cultivation is increasing every year, and the upcoming strong competition of imported rice from other countries after joining the WTO, the economic value of growing rice is downsizing.In addition to reduce the production cost, using the rice plants as bioreactors to produce pharmaceutical proteins becomes a new way for increasing economic values of rice and may solve the problems we are facing.The general purpose of this proposal is to transfer porcine lactoferrin gene into rice using genetic engineering techniques and intend to produce this recombinant protein in transgenic rice plants to increase the additional value of rice.After performing this project, we expect to obtain transgenic rice plants containing porcine lactoferrin gene and these transgenic rice plants will serve as bioreactors to produce lactoferrin to increase the economic value of rice and thus open up a new direction of our rice production in the future.
其他識別: 90農科-2.1.1-糧-Z2(3)
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