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dc.description.abstract丹參(Salvia multiorrhizae Bunge)是長久以來用於治療心血管疾病的傳統中草藥。丹參酮Ⅰ、丹參酮ⅡA和隱丹參酮是從丹參根部萃取出來主要的有效成份,前人的研究顯示具有抗發炎、抗氧化和細胞毒殺活性。前人研究也指出發炎反應與腫瘤形成及轉移有很重要的正相關,因此本計劃想進一步探討這三種丹參有效成分對於高侵犯性人類肺腺癌細胞株(CL1-5)的抑制癌轉移影響,以及抑制發炎反應的能力,並進而探討其作用機制。本計劃將利用MTT、細胞群聚能力分析、細胞遷徙能力、Gelatin zymography分析和試管內侵犯能力分析,來評估丹參有效成分抑制CL1-5人類肺腺癌細胞株的生長以及癌轉移的能力。採用即時定量聚合酶連鎖反應(Real-time quantitative PCR)來確定三種丹參主要的有效成份,對於CL1-5細胞IL-8表現量的抑制效果;並利用報導基因分析(reporter gene assay)偵測三種丹參主要的有效成份對於IL-8啟動子活性的影響;以及抽取細胞核內蛋白進行電泳偏移分析(EMSA),以了解丹參有效成份是否會影響轉錄因子AP-1和NF-κB對IL-8基因啟動子的結合能力。在本研究中,也將透過動物實驗,來測試丹參有效成分在生物體內抑制腫瘤生長與轉移的能力。此外,於癌細胞與巨噬細胞共同培養時加入不同丹參有效成份,並利用癌轉移相關基因晶片分析活化的癌細胞對藥物反應的基因剖繪。此研究所獲得的結果,將有助於闡釋不同丹參有效成份對抑制腫瘤生長及轉移的作用機轉,及中草藥物的研究與開發。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractDanshen (Salvia multiorrhizae Bunge) has long been used as a traditional Chinese herbal medicine for cardiovascular disorders. Tanshinone Ⅰ, tanshinone IIA and cryptotanshinone are the major active components isolated from the roots of Danshen, and have been shown anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and cytotoxic activities. The previous reports also indicated that inflammation positively correlated with metastasis and tumorigenesis. Therefore, we plan to investigate the antimetastatic effect, anti-inflammatory activity and mechanisms of action of tanshinoneⅠ, tanshinone IIA and cryptotanshinone in highly invasive human lung adenocarcinoma cell line (CL1-5). In this project, the growth inhibition and antimetastatic activity of these three active components will be evaluated by MTT, colony formation assay, cell migration, gelatin zymography assay and In vitro cell invasion assay in CL1-5 cells. Real-time quantitative PCR is employed to determine the ability of these three active components on inhibiting IL-8 gene expression of CL1-5 cells. The effect of the active components on inhibiting IL-8 gene promoter activity is assessed by reporter gene assay. Subsequently, the nuclear extracts from treated cells are used to analyze the effect of these active components on IL-8 promoter binding activity of AP-1, NF-κB and NFIL-6 by EMSA. The animal experiment will be also used to evaluate the effect of these three active components on inhibiting tumor progression and metastasis in vivo. Furthermore, these active components will be respectively added into the cancer cells/macrophages cocultures to profile the gene expressions of activated cancer cells responding to the active components by microarray carrying metastasis-associated genes. All the efforts in this study may provide us the clues to interpret the functional mechanisms of different components on antimetastasis and tumorigenesis.en_US
dc.titleThe Mechanism of the Active Compounds Isolated from Danshen (Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bunge) Inhibiting Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Metastasis and Tumorigenesisen_US
dc.typeResearch Reportszh_TW
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