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標題: Production of Lipase and Tripeptidyl Peptidase Using Rhizopus Oryzae Gene Expression System
利用Rhizopus oryzae基因大量表現系統生產Lipase及Tripeptidyl Peptidase酵素
作者: 許文輝
關鍵字: 生物技術;應用研究
Rhizopus oryzae can secrete large amount of various enzymes extracellularly and will be a good host for the production of heterologous proteins. An efficient method for the preparation of Rhizopus oryzae protoplasts was established by using three lytic enzymes in combination. Expression vectors will be constructed by using either the glucoamylase (gla), or heat shock protein (hsp) promoters to drive the expression of tripeptidyl peptidase and lipase. The optimal conditions for our expression system will also be established in this investigation.

Rhizopus oryzae擁有分泌大量蛋白的能力,因此適合做為生產異源性蛋白的宿主。在建立真菌基因表現平台系統方面,本實驗室已成功利用三種水解酵素建立Rhizopus oryzae原生質體之製備方法。本研究將利用glucoamylase (gla)與heat shock protein (hsp)的啟動子,來表現tripeptidyl peptidase與lipase。期望對於高經濟價值酵素的生產,能達到最適化的生產條件。
其他識別: 97農科-1.1.3-牧-U2(4)
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