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標題: 畜禽產品藥物殘留檢驗技術之開發及應用(II)
Development and Aplication of Drug Residues Inspective Technique in Animal and Poultry Products(II)
作者: 茅繼良
關鍵字: 食品科技, 畜牧獸醫類;應用研究
國內尚有多種畜禽產品藥物殘留檢驗技術亟待開發,本研究擬進行研究工作並建立完整的資料,提供具實用性之檢測方法,以達到能夠確保畜禽產品免於藥物殘留之目的.明瞭Salbutamol在豬隻的殘留情況,及發展Salbutamol one step kit檢驗技術.

There are some animal drug that lack residues testing technique in animal and poultry products which need to be established. This study tends to develop the fasting and do establish related residue information. In this year it will be focused the study of salbutamil (albuterol) residue in swine and development of one step kit detection technology for salbutamol.
其他識別: 89科技-6.1-檢-64(z)
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