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標題: Fluoroquinolones類藥物殘留檢驗試劑開發及應用
Development and Application the Rapid Detection Technique for the Residues of Fluoroquinolones
作者: 王渭賢
關鍵字: 應用研究;畜牧獸醫類
The aim of this project is to develop a rapid detection the fluoroquinolones in meats and feed with the immune reaction technique.The drug-protein combination, polyclone/or monoclone antibodies, immune screening, and hybridoma techniques will be used to reach our goal in this study.We try to use couple of proteins to bind with danofloxacin、enrofloxacin、ofloxacin and orbifloxacin to form the drug-protein compounds, respectively.Those compounds will be injected into rabbits or mice to produce polyclone and monoclone antibodies, respectively.The title and specify of antibodies are tested by the ELISA method.The serial dilution technique will be used for screening the identify of hybridoma.When all immune antibodies are dome, the test kit will be assembled and tested.

一、 計畫目標: ( 1 )藥物蛋白質結合體的製備( 2 )免疫動物以獲得多株抗體或單株抗體融合瘤.( 3 )免疫篩選系統之建立.( 4 )細胞融合及篩選融合瘤細胞.二、 架構( 重要工作項目 ): ( 1 )藥物蛋白質結合體的製備: 依據Poni等( 1996 )、Bhargava等( 1999 )及Binodh等( 1999 )所述之不同藥物螯和蛋白質分別進行與danofloxacin、enrofloxacin、ofloxacin及orbifloxacin結合, 以進行動物免疫及免疫篩選系統之建立.( 2 )動物免疫以藥物衍生物蛋白質結合體分別免疫兔子進行多株抗體之製備或老鼠進行單株抗體融合瘤.( 3 )建立免疫篩選系統: 應用ELISA免疫篩選系統用來檢測所獲得之多株抗體力價及融合瘤之挑選.( 4 )細胞融合及篩選融合瘤細胞: 擬挑選對所有danofloxacin、enrofloxacin、ofloxacin及orbifloxacin藥物均具反應之融合瘤細胞.或對danofloxacin、enrofloxacin、ofloxacin及orbifloxacin等單一藥物具反應之融合瘤細胞.三、 預期效益: ( 1 )篩選出適合與藥物結合之蛋白質, 並建立製備技術.( 2 )獲得多株抗體或單株抗體融合瘤.( 3 )建立免疫篩選系統.( 4 )建立細胞融合及篩選融合瘤細胞技術.
其他識別: 90農科-1.2.3-檢-B2(2)
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