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標題: 家禽Maduramicin之安全性研究
Study of the Maduramicin Safety in Poultry
作者: 何素鵬
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類;應用研究
本研究擬尋求與maduramicine併用時,雞隻所能給予酒精的適當劑量。計畫執行雞隻毒性試驗時,將由本省民間養雞場中購入健康雞隻,分組籠飼。以適量藥物餵飼各組動物,使其分別給予maduramicin、酒精 及maduramicin +酒精藥物,連續給藥。實驗期間,觀察記錄體重及飼料消耗量,採血及取其各臟器進行血液生化值測定及組織病理學檢查。另外製備肝細胞均質液於體外測試肝臟酵素活性。

This study is desinged to search the optimum dose for simultaneous application of maduramicin and ethanol. Healthy chicken from the farmer will be allocated in cages. Treatments include maduramicine, ethanol, and maduramicine+ethanol medicated respectively. During the period of experiments, live weight gain and feed intake will be recorded. The blood and tissues samples are collected for serum biochemistry and histopathology examination at end of experiments. In addition, the enzyme activity of homonized liver cell will be assay. The results of this study can be applied by the poultry industry for more safe and effective in controlling the avian disease.
其他識別: 91農科-1.2.2-檢-B3(3)
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