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標題: 鹿茸抗疲勞效應之研究
Research of Anti-Fatigue Effect for Deer Antlers
作者: 林永昌
關鍵字: 應用研究;食品科技
The aim of this project is to collect the antlers of standard deer farms for the evaluation of anti-fatigue function. Acording to the standard evalutation test of Department of Health, the material and methods including animal anti-fatugue test, the components analysis and safety test. This develolpment should be very helpful to confirm the anti-fatigue effect in clinic and lead the antlers product to get the approval of health-care food. It is expected that the deer farm industry and their antlers products will be assured in our country.

其他識別: 95農科-5.1.1-牧-U1(10)
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