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標題: 活性碳擔持觸媒對NO去除之探討
Catalytic NO reduction by activated carbon supporting transition
作者: 鄭翰聰
Cheng, Cheng Han-Tsung
關鍵字: activated carbon;活性碳;catalyst carbon monoxide;nitrogen monoxide;carbon monoxide;觸媒;一氧化碳;一氧化氮
出版社: 環境工程學系

Application of activated carbon (AC) as catalyst support offers several advantage because it is a relatively inexpensive and posses porous structure and surface oxygen functional groups. In this study, transition state metal supported on (AC) were prepared and tested in terms of their NO reduction and CO oxidation activity. Reaction of M/AC in flow systems with NO, CO and O2 streams were investigated respectively, to determine the types of chemical interaction that occur on the catalyst surface. The effect of kind and chemical state of transition state metals, reaction temperature on CO oxidation and NO reduction activities were also evaluated.
It was found that carbon materials used as catalyst supports for transition state metal catalysts provided a high catalytic activity for removal of CO and NO from flue gas. The catalytic activities of reduced metals were higher than that of oxide metals. For NO reduction activity, under the absence of O2, the NO reduction activities over various reduced metals supported on AC have the following sequence: Ni>Fe>Co>Cu; however, under existence of O2, the sequence were as followed: Fe>Cu>Co>Ni. Furthermore, when the CO was coexisted in the flue gas, the reduction activity of NO were all increased. But when the reaction temperature decreased to 200℃, only Co/AC catalyst show performance to NO reduction actitivity.
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