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標題: Study of Epidemiological Characters of Bartonella Species and Babesiosis by Questing or Engorged Ticks from Cattle in Taiwan
台灣地區牛隻Bartonella Species及焦蟲病與吸血蜱種的流行病學特性之研究
作者: 莊士德
關鍵字: Bartonella;巴爾通氏菌;畜牧獸醫類;Babesiosis;Polymerase Chain Reaction;Cattle;Tick;焦蟲病;聚合酵素連鎖反應;牛;硬蜱;應用研究
本計畫為延續去年之計畫,已經培養並經PCR鑑定為Bartonella spp.,希望能夠進行定序,鑑定是否為Bartonella菌。本計畫另外希望藉助美國加州UC Davis的各項知識及協助,調查台灣牧場硬蜱感染的疫情,了解焦蟲在台灣牧場的流行病學特性,並且建立有效的防治方法。

This project is a continuous project from last year. We have isolated and have identified as a strain of Bartonella spp. The specific fragment of Bartonella DNA is now sequenced. With assistant of cooperation with UC Davis, we try to investigate the infestation of hard ticks in cattle in Taiwan, to understand the epidemiological character of Babesia, and to establish effective method of preventing and treating the Babesiosis.
其他識別: 95農科-1.2.1-國-I3(4)
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